10 May, 2006

Yesterday's amusements

There was no post yesterday, because I was off talking about debtors at Better Bibles Blog. Specifically, I was opining on how to correctly translate "opheilema" in the Lord's Prayer.

For those of you who don't know this, that's a lot like me lecturing on knitting. I have spent a couple hours at a spinning wheel, but that don't make me no fiber-arts expert! They were very gracious and if you think that kind of thing is interesting, you might enjoy the chat.

There are three posts in the works for today. We'll see how many I can get out. (Of course, one of them looks like this, but that's just me. :-)

Ftunte, I had a rakt wh m. I held t n my ry hand tltd dwn to kac her hro.


Milly said...

Twy ta hv a nce day. '.'

Rich said...

Hey! A tennis post is coming. Awesome!

codepoke said...

Last night's tennis was really, really good. I'm getting the new strokes down, and I am up to almost 30% on them in pressure situations. It's encouraging.

But, no, this post will not be about tennis at all. I have a tennis post planned - half written, really - but oddly I think it is going to be put off almost a month. I will never figure me out.