21 May, 2006

Divorce: Operational Pause

Update: Tone deaf typist sacked. :-)

Preface to post:
I will now preface this post with the good news, because I was feeling it so strongly that I didn't say any of it out loud in the original post. This is always a problem for me. I should never post while happy. ;-)

While I'm sure noone can tell, it was in good but overloaded mood that I wrote the following. I can't really explain why, and I won't try, but rest assured that the underlying mood of this evidently darkly confusing post was cheery. The Lord is much better than this post would seem to indicate.

Original Post
I'm going to ice this subject for a while.

Aside from being horribly depressing (I ripped off those 4 posts so quickly solely so I could be done with them - I can only think of a time or two that writing has given me so little joy,) I have hit my capacity for new thoughts on the subject.

I know when I write that it sometimes sounds as if I am giving ideas, but that is almost never the dynamic. I am almost always getting them, and when Milly, DugALug, Andreia, Danny Kaye and the rest get to circling the subject, I get ideas from a dozen directions. (Mathematically, that would be 10 different directions, but you know what I mean.)

Right now, I have so many new thoughts running around in my head that to say anything else would just be indulging my knack for gibberish. I would rather gibber about tennis than divorce. :-)

My thoughts are swirling around the idea that divorce is awful, and always the result of evil, but that we had better figure out a way to do it right. We need to figure out the right way to prevent it, to help each other through it when there is no other path, and to live to Christ after it.

Maybe come winter some order will have come.

Thank you to everyone.


Milly said...


You know I totally understand putting you heart on the table is hard. I hope that I wasn’t giving the impression that I think divorce is fine. I don’t. I wouldn’t be about to celebrate eighteen years of marriage. I see reasons why it must happen, I was very close to it with a family in trouble. My grandmother wasn’t for it because she never divorced him. (I just found out.)

Letting the discussion go: It’s been picked up, looked at, and pulled apart. I doesn’t need more.

We all hate divorce because of the reasons it hurts the people you love.

Thank you for putting your heart into your post brother.

codepoke said...

Whoops, I will edit my post!

I am thrilled at the discussion, and beyond delighted with what the Lord brought out of it. No, there was no joy in writing those posts, but there is so much joy in processing all this new stuff.