01 May, 2006

The Gospel in 4 Characters

That's 4 written characters, pictograms really.

Maeghan has posted some of her research into how some of the bigger, richer words describing the gospel are written in Chinese. Language is so very intriguing and heartwarming, and these pictograms open up a whole new window on the subject.

Imagine if every time you thought of being reconciled to God, you pictured yourself as an ox whose horns had been removed. Wow.

Thanks, Maeghan!

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Maeghan said...

Thanks Codepoke! I am honoured.

A note though especially to those with a love of language: I showed this to a Chinese speaking friend who was slightly disagreeable to several references in the meaning and interpretation of the words.

I do admit to a certain extent, for a couple of the words, I am stretching it a bit but if we know its limitation and purpose, it should be alright. Moreover, I obtained the information from www.zhongwen.com, which provides the root and phonetic characters that I used.

It is only as a tool anyway but effective to share the gospel with the Chinese speaking.