08 May, 2006

Movies: The Promise

All day today, I could not sit still for more than 10 seconds without finding myself asleep again. That made "movie night" with my little girl more than a little bit scary. There's very little less fun than struggling to stay awake and to enter into an experience with a distant teen.

From the credits forward, I never blinked.

I would love to share opinions of this movie with ya'll if you get to see it.

It is not a children's movie, but it is never gratuitous. If you like art movies, you will like this. If you liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for the beautiful visions, you will love this. If you like conflicted love stories, this will get to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Suddenly, though, I am dealing with the whole "every time I blink I'm asleep" thing again.

Night ya'll.


Milly said...

I hope it wasn't a migraine working up. That's a cue that one is on it's way. Sounds like a good movie. I hope you enjoyed your night. //*_*\\

A new word:

codepoke said...

Nah. Just woke up at the wrong part of the sleep cycle, and needed a little more sleep in general. Everything's cool. Feeling good today (and there's tennis tonight!)

It was a pretty good night. There's something about the way I say everything that tends to shut her up, but we managed a little chat about the movie on the way home.

That IS a new word on me! I'm betting it's about 10 years old at most, too.