10 May, 2006

Other people's dreams are boring, but...

I will tell you mine anyway. I will not be offended when you ignore it.


I met God at some sort of ranch. I was admiring the new "Apologia" leatherwork pattern on a new saddle, and She walked up.

She was between 45 and 50. She wore a brown pants suit with the wide lapel favored in the late 80's. Her hair was that middle-aged short but feminine and not completely gray. Her face was deeply lined with laughter, and was totally comforting. Her shoes could be run in, but went well with the suit.

God, a buddy and I went for a horse ride. I don't know who the buddy was, so it must have been you. :-) It was just a pleasant ride in the country - no lessons, no point, just joy. At some point God dismounted, and tried to do something that didn't quite work. She laughed and threw an orange at her horse's tail. The orange rolled on down the hill about 200 feet to the CVS drugstore that was naturally situated out in the middle of nowhere.

I could not help but notice that the whole incident was less than divine. It was merely wonderful.
God jogged all the way down to the CVS, and picked up her orange. She was down the hill from us, and She had three oranges. I don't know how, but I could tell that She wanted to show off a little.

Fortunately, I had my tennis racket with me. I held it in my right hand, angled downward to knock her throw out of the air when it came. I was scared of how fast it might come, but I knew she would somehow hit that racket from 200 feet away, and I stood in! She threw, and it hit the racket with enough topspin that it bounced down to the ground, then spun itself up my pant leg, and into my pocket.

She did something equally amazing for you, but I could not remember it when I wrote this down.
She had one more orange, but two friends with Her.

She looked at the sky, and thought a little bit.

And thought a little bit more.

Then, She threw the orange so fast that it tore in half in mid-flight, and the seeds were scattered from it. The seeds alone came and hit the strings of our tennis rackets, then flew straight up in the air about 20 feet. When they fell back down, they landed on our cheeks as the vanguard of a cloudburst of large raindrops.

We all three got soaked, and just laughed with utter, childlike delight. God came giggling back to Her horse, and I woke up.


I was just so happy when I woke that I had to write it out and post it.


Milly said...

Fun dream I hope you don’t mind my take on it

Cool that you dreamt God as a she. That’s what I love about Old Turtle. Tennis something God has given you that you love. (When my brother went through his divorce scouting was an escape. I’ll bet it helps you with the day today pressures) Oranges are great,the color sun rise and sun set, the beginning and the end. Seeds we all know that we are to plant seeds. Joy is joyful with God.
Horses where you and I came from. Cowboys.

(The drug store is a joke in my group about getting older. Us chicks will be parked in front of the WallGreens looking for dudes on ladies night out.)

Anonymous said...

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