04 May, 2006

Da Vinci Code

That is the last time you will see me willingly mention those 3 words on this blog.

Is anyone else completely bored with this whole kerfluffle? It's all I can do to read the summaries of the posts about this one book. I'm 100% sure that I have nothing to add to the discussion with all the great information out there now ... over and over and over again.

Just whining.

I suppose it's only fair to quote the site that has given me the best information on DVC, and that has helped me move from curious to DVC'd out so quickly.
The Christian Cadre
Da Vinci Code Page
CC's othercott suggestion: Go see Flight 93 on the day DVC opens.


John said...

I haven't read the book and I couldn't care less.

Milly said...


Is that the way out of the dark mist? Turn right at Kerfluffle then ....

I haven't read it seen it nor do I want to.

codepoke said...

Kerfluffles happen at the other end of the rainbow trail, when 2 or more lost people find the pot of gold at the same time.

It started life as a Scottish verb, a variant of "fuffle" (disorder) saddled with an uncertain prefix perh/car/cur/ker/etc.

However, "fuffle" itself began life as a piece of onomatopoeia ... Tracing kerfuffle's path, a ker-fluffle becomes a more light-hearted and goodnatured flurry or disarray than its older kin.

Milly said...

Cool. I was kerfluffled by it.

Rich said...

I read it. The premise reminded me of a longer Robert Ludlum book I once read -- forgot the title, but I'm sure it had three words (probably with at least one of them being "cool"-sounding, fwiw).

I'm all kerfluffed out about it at this point, and I won't see the movie unless my wife really begs. She liked the book and could live (because it's fiction) with the underlying (or overlying is probably a better way to put it)theme better than I could. I did see the promotional trailer with Forrest Gump starring in it and Opie directing. Ol' Forrest and Op seem to have come a long way. Because of those two along with the book's popularity, I don't see anything other than the movie's gonna be a box office success. Sad but true, or so I think. Plus, the more we Christians blast the book and/or movie, even if it turns out to be so-so or bad, the more the general movie-going public are going to want to see it, ala The Last Temptation of Christ (which, without any hoopla, hardly anyone would have seen it).

I'm not sure what the right thing to do is, but what I'll probably do is go on with my life without thinking about it very much unless my wife brings it up and really wants to see it. Maybe she won't, and then I'll think about it very little if at all.

DugALug said...

I've been muttling this around over on Maeghan's Blog:

DaVinci Dialog

It is a real pickle for me.

'Kerfluffles' is a cool sounding word... I should use it often in my daily conversations.

God Bless

Milly said...

Being from other parts of the country, I wonder if we are all pronouncing kerfluffle the same way. Ya'll talk differnt then we do I'm a bet'n.

codepoke said...


Milly said...

fluffle ya'all