07 May, 2006

:8( [Which means embarassment]

I was so embarassed at church today!

One of the dear middle-aged ladies in church today was sharing how much it hurt her that her daughter was being fooled by the Da Vinci Code. She was beside herself as evidently she is in doubt of her daughter's salvation anyway, and now this daughter is actively angry with the church for all the evil it has perpetrated.

The good news is that she has agreed to read Josh McDowell's book on the subject, so she may come out of all this stronger.

Her story really connected with me, because my daughter is causing me heart palpitations, too. I said so during the meeting a couple times.

I went up after the meeting, and gave her a hug, and she was still a little verklempt. She looked up at me and thanked me for not saying that her daughter was obviously not elect. She said that would really have hurt.

[[[[[------ shame! ------]]]]]]


I was horrified, though I didn't let the moment become all about me. I just told her that I did not believe that way, and got back on the subject of staying in prayer for her daughter.

I believe that everything is predestined and I also believe that we pray with passion for our loved ones. I won't trouble you here with how I can believe those two things together. It's just true. I pray for my daughter, and I could never, never conclude that a single soul was "not elect". It would be a blasphemy for me to look at any person created in the image of God and judge that I could quit praying for them because they were obviously not elect. God forbid that I should ever take a prerogative that God even forbids His angels. (Matt 13:25-30)

We are going through Romans 9 now, and the teacher knows I am a predestinationist. That makes it pret' near impossible for me to sit in complete silence. Honestly, though, I am not trying to change anyone's mind on the subject. I am more there as a circus oddity - a freak if you will - so I am not surprised if I come off as a bit of a monster to them, just disappointed.

If any of you wondered whether I think anyone is beyond God's power to redeem, or whether I believed that our prayers are pointless, I hope that you now know that I don't.


Milly said...


It sounds like you simply shared your experience. I helps sometimes.

My theme song was Girls Just Wanta Have Fun, and I so did. (BTW my family picked it for me) Now I’m a PTA mom and a wife. See life makes turns from the path that we choose. THANK GOD.

I’m sure that my parents prayed for me. My dad spoke to the shirks about me. It’s harder to see our children make mistakes.

Keep shaking them up. Keep the prayers going. It worked on me. (Did I just make it about me? 8-/ )

Kansas Bob said...

For a long time I sat in judgment on my teenage children's behavior ... it is a pit. NO ONE knows another's heart - NO ONE except God. It is the height of arrogance for us (me) to judge our children ... set boundaries yes ... judge their heart - NO. My kids needed my love and acceptance not my judgment. Fortunately, several years ago, I started to own my stuff and began a vulnerable dialog with my kids ... things are getting better.

DugALug said...


I don't see the shame on your part. I would have seen the shame if you would have said her daughter was 'not elect'. At the end of the day, this is for God and God alone to say.

If someone is hurt by the actions of the church, get in line. The church has run amuck oh so many times, it is prone to folly. The bible is clear that we should not put our trust in men, but in God, for he will never leave us or forsake us. Putting our trust in men, even good men, like pastors and church leaders, will eventually lead to disapointment. We cannot live up to God's standard, without God's help. The focus should be on God and God alone.

I know God reaches to the searching hearts. I also know that people like this girl's daughter should be warning signs to us, as leaders to temper our actions with Spiritual guidance, love and compassion.

I believe that our actions are accounted for by God, and that we, as Christians, are predestined to be found spotless and without blame. That means that our prayers have already been taken into account, but that doesn't mean that we should stop praying because the die has already been cast.

God's hand is open to all, and our free will is still in play... unto our final breath. I still believe that with God, all things are possible, so no one is lost cause: even Hillary Clinton!

God Bless

codepoke said...

I don't see the shame on your part.

Maybe I am the only one who would be ashamed in this situation.

I'm a little old-fashioned about a lot of stuff. If someone looked at me and casually expected that I knew how to mix a particular cocktail, I would be ashamed. What had I said or done that caused this person to think that I was that kind of man? Same here. She looked at me, and casually assumed that I would conclude that her daughter was condemned merely for being born.

As for our children, thanks for the all the encouragement. It's a tiring road, and kind words along the way do help.

Andreia said...

Pray tell. What does Hillary Clinton have to do with any of this?

Anonymous said...

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