10 May, 2006

Shorthand: Just because

At 3:55 am last night, I woke up from a dream recorded in the previous post. I really, really wanted to write it down, but dreams are so fragile, that even turning on the light can make you miss parts of them.

Fortunately, I know shorthand, and can do it with the keyboard. You never know when these things might be important ;-)

I whipped out my trusty BlackBerry, and started clicking, right there in the dark. (Andreia would understand.)

So, for the approximately none of you who will be amused by this, here is the raw shorthand record of the dream as BlackBerry'd at 4:00 am.


I met her af seg h nu apologia saddle lhr-rk patrn.
Ab 45. Z wore a brown suit hg wh h jakt unbuttoned. Her hair was ha mdl-ajd zrt bt fmnn, nd her fas ws lind laftr. Her zus kd b run n, bt wnt wl whh sut.
Hre o us wnt f a ride. At one pynt Z trid to do smhg nd misd. N frustration, z hru an oranj at h tail o Her horse. T rold al h wa dwn to h CVS. I kd not hlp bt notis ha t ws less han dvin to do so.
Z jogd al h wa dwn to CVS nd pkd up her ornj. Z had hre, nd stood dwn hr aprnte lkg f a wa to zo us ha Z ws God,
Ftunte, I had a rakt wh m. I held t n my ry hand tltd dwn to kac her hro. I ws scared o hw fast t myt kom, bt I stnd n. Z hru, nd t amazge hit h rakt wh enf topspin ha t spun bak up my leg nd nto my pokt.
Z dd smhg amazg f my fnd.
Z had one mor ornj.
Z lkd at h sky nd ht.
Nd ht.
Hn, z hru t so fast t tore nh air, nd h seeds kam out, splt, nd hit boh our rakt strqs. Hy wnt strat up nh air ab 20 fet, hn fl nd landd on our ceks as h fst drops o rain fom a strm ha ws j startg.
W lafd wh utr, cildz dlyt, as God kam gglg bak to Her horse,
I wok up, nd j had to rit hs.


Milly said...

Cool skill. I can walk through the house in the dark and bump into stuff. -.-

Andreia said...

HA! I thought I was the only one that did this!

BTW, a shout out to the good folks at Hertz in Los Angeles. I was there this past week and left my BB in one of their rental cars.

I was dismayed and felt like there was NO way I was ever getting it back. It came by overnight mail today and my life is back to normal. I confess to being unkind in my judgment of the people (aka fruits and nuts) in Californa.

Now I can keep up with FHC again.

codepoke said...

Easy on "Californians". It's only Southern Californians who need special attention. Us Northern Californians even made it into Hank Jr's "Country Boy Can Survive".

I grew up where I could shoot in 3 directions without hurting anything. Try that in LA some day.

Oh wait. They do.