15 May, 2006

DVC: God strikes back

Yes, I knew it when I posted it. I could not help myself. I knew that you would know it, too, and still I could not stop myself.

It was like I had this insane urge to dowse myself with gasoline, scuff my rubber soled shoes on carpet and say I was cold as I touched the aluminum screen door.

Fortunately, I avoided that. All I did was say I was never going to mention the Da Vinci Code willingly on my site again.


Here we go.

My daughter is pumped about it next week, so I get to see it with her on Monday after opening weekend, and so is my pastor, so I get to hear about it for 2 weeks during the worship service.

All that for the price of one little comment.

But wait! There's more!

Yes, my Thursday night bible study is doing the DVC thing. In some gracious stroke of mercy, they are only doing it for 1/3 of the 12 week session, but I'm sure we'll have covered all the ... uh ... informative stuff by then. The pastor leads this group, and since I actually said out loud 3 weeks ago that I was Da Vinci'd out, he personally asked me to die to self and attend and contribute.

Me and my big mouth.

The odds approach 100% that I will share more of my ... uh ... discoveries with you all here.

I apologize in advance.

Oops. Opened my big mouth in sarcasm again. Now it's going to be profitable. Aaaargghhh! I just know it.

Me and my big mouth.



Milly said...

I can't wait to here it. I didn't read the book and won't pay to see it. If it comes to HBO I'll watch. Then I can put your opinion to use after. See now you can be excited! :-)

Milly said...

Warning this is a joke.

I had an idea. Let's write a book and get people stirred up so that we can market it. $$$$$$$

De Codepoke Code. Who’s in?

codepoke said...

Who would understand it?

Milly said...

Exactly! That's the beauty of it. I can promote it. With publicity anything is possible. Think Regis and Kelly. You and me on the book tour. Watch out world! We could have our own reality show! Now I want to actually do it. I’m betting folks would watch us every week, look at the ones they watch now. (Can you see it? Look honey she’s yell’n at the kid to get ready again. Now she’s a typing. When is she going to clean the house? He’s playing tennis. Nice shot! Man this is a great show!)

Fame is in the works!