26 January, 2007

Tennis: Roger Federer - Not Exactly Mr Nice Guy

This is just a quote from a comment by MrsSanta on the TennisWorld blog, but it is magnificent in its satire. Federer had just destroyed Andy Roddick 6-3, 6-0, 6-2 after Andy had made little noises to the effect that he might be gaining ground on Federer. One should not make noises that might wake the sleeping giant.

Federer is beyond nasty. For the first time ever I feel sorry for Roddick. Poor Andy . It's so unfair. He tries so hard, develops a reasonable fascimille of a backhand, hires a cheerleader and reminds himself regularly that he still has Wilanders during a match. And yet despite all this there is dreaded recognition that Roger Federer is going to going to have a good day and render all his improvements irrelevant.

That press conference though is pure comedy.

"Q. After a night like this, do you sleep well?
ANDY RODDICK: Do I sleep well?
Q. Yes.
ANDY RODDICK: It depends on how much I drink tonight. "

I feel like this everyday Andy.

"Q. You said this week that you thought the gap between you and Roger was closing, or at least wasn't getting any wider.
ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, not tonight.
Q. The next time you feel that, will you keep it to yourself?"

Who is this reporter. Does he club baby seals in his spare time?

FWIW, Gonzalez is going to obliterate Tommy Haas tonight, then the final is going to be Federer versus Gonzalez. For the first time, I think there's someone out there who might really take Federer down. Probably not this time, since it's Gonzo's first trip into the final of a major, but next time.....

Gonzo has it all, and he has just started learning the all-court game.

In other words, I have a new second favorite player!


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Kansas Bob said...

Go Serena! From #81 to #1 ... at least in Australia. Was this open televised? Didn't see it on ESPN or USA.

codepoke said...

Serena is now #14 in the world. And #1 in Oz. An incredible tourney for her. I plan to blog on the "fat" angle.

ESPN2 is the public tennis channel these days, and they showed a lot of tennis ... at 3:30 in the morning. At night they showed the weaker of the women's matches, then the stronger, then a break and finally the men in the wee morning hours. They did rebroadcast some of the men's matches while everyone was at work.

It was better than nothing. The good thing is that I got to see Serena.

Kansas Bob said...

I checked ESPN2 but must not have been looking at the right times :)