11 January, 2007

Life: Light Commenting

The great news is that our small bible study group is really starting to click. When I started with them a year+ ago, we started at 7:30, and I was out in time to play tennis at 8:45. Nowadays, we start at 7:00, and I'm out around 10:00. That is so cool. It makes me very happy.

Of course, then I get home and deal with dinner and dishes, etc. So, there will be no surfing tonight. :-(

Another thing I deal with is brushing my teeth. This is probably not an ordeal for most of you, but that's because you have a functional ability to do these kinds of critical skills.


I lost my automatic toothbrush motor the other day. Before you jump to any conclusions, it's the first time I've lost it in 10 years of service. I think it must be the cats. They don't really understand me anyway, so why shouldn't they hide my toothbrush?

The automatic toothbrush does four 30-second intervals, separated by a 1/2 second pause so you know to switch to new teeth.

For the last three nights, since I've been running on manual toothbrushes, I have gotten lost in thought, and found myself brushing away waiting for my hand to give me the 1/2 second pause so I could switch to the next set of teeth. ;-P

It's hilarious.

In the morning, I have always used a manual, and I don't have this problem in the morning. It's just at night that I find myself brushing my way to China.

I gotta be me
I just gotta be me


Milly said...

That's cool and that's funny. I tend to get a bit lost in thought and find myself walking around the house with the thing stuck in my mouth.

Keep being you!

Patchouli said...

So if you don't post for a while, we'll know that you are frozen in and endless loop of brushing...

BarBarA said...

Glad I read your post first thing this morning - it started my day with a smile!

codepoke said...

Gutht a theknd. I'ng amoft dumm

pearlie said...

On your way to China, do drop by for a visit!