03 January, 2007

Sonnet: The Lesser Light to Rule Our Nights

Black nighttime casts the forest's brush a fright
The living trees and fallen copse profane
In shadowed power their silence speaks great might
Limbs twist and grasp while dark is Luna's reign
White moon sees all, and by His sight reveals
Those gnarled, dark limbs all spread in search of sun
And moonlight's misty cloaking softly shields
Pale lilies hidden half 'neath trees undone
Though sun's diffusing rays be gone, we see
Though luscious bough loom monstrous, still we know
With waxing weeks the sovereign Moon makes free
When monsters melt beneath love's honest glow
Inconstant though this Lesser Light may seem
He guards our nights and slays fiends in His gleam


Milly said...

So good.

Patchouli said...

Ah, a Renaissance Man...this is beautiful

blest said...

Wow. Seriously. Wow.

(And when it comes to poetry I am notoriously hard to impress.)