15 January, 2007

Life: SOOOOooooo busy

I have to write a song and a poem before I can get back to either of the series I have going, and I cannot even find time to write a little post like this. :-)

Jim's and Brenda's stories are really intriguing me. I know what happens next, about a half-post's "next" that is, but I don't even know how that post ends, much less the series. And I'm REALLY curious!

And I am focused heavily on the post that was supposed to quickly follow the "Pleasing God" post. Ummmm. Yeah. It's half-written.

Just think, if I were not so busy whining about not having time to type, I might be 1/10 of the way closer to done now. :-)

But, I had to tell you all about what may the coolest web site ever.


I had to write a song, remember? It's going to be as tightly based on 1 Tim 3:16 as I can make it. Knowing me, that probably means I will use 3 words and half an idea from it, but you know what I mean. 1 Tim 3:16 is presumed to be a first century hymn, and the pastor preached on it Sunday. So, for my voluntary homework I have assigned myself the recovery of said song. I needed to find a tune to which to put it.

I was looking for something dramatic, and I went looking for places to find songs by mood. Musicovery does just that. I suspect that they only have about 500 songs in their whole system, but what a fun idea - and it works. For dramatic, I put in dark and energetic. I got back the Godfather's Love Theme. Wow. Does it get more dramatic?!

If the church is going to sing it, it cannot be copyrighted, so I chucked that idea. Instead, I will use, "Crown Him With Many Crowns," but it was a great thought. Probably no one will sing anything to CHWMC except CHWMC, but if we do, at least it will be legal.

Anyway, the site is too cool.

And the poem I'm going to try to write, you ask? We are supposed to summarize the entire book of Romans. Since it's well nigh impossible to do it straight, I'm going to turn it into a sonnet.

And the Australian Open is cranking up. Federer is through in straight sets, though he had to recover from a 2 break deficit in the first set. It was wonderful to watch him fall behind, get grumpy, fall further behind, get serious, then rip off 11 straight games - BOOM. Cruelty is beautiful.

Who are those people in the white smocks, and what's with the huge butterfly net?


Milly said...

I’m not much of a song writer so I’m impressed. My best work was Butter My Toast Baby. It was a huge hit with my son. I also sang one about peanut butter. I can’t remember the words.

You know I'm hooked on Brenda and Jim. Take you time, I guess. :-{

pearlie said...

Wow ... I love the site! Thanks! I gotta a new toy!!! Yippee!!