09 January, 2007

FHC: Home Church Survey

Here is the Barna group on home church.

As I read this, I was not surprised that the home church was so popular - and that for a couple of reasons.
1) Home church is great. Who wouldn't love it. :-)
2) The survey is naturally self-selecting.

If you ask a bunch of medieval reenactors whether they like reenacting better than watching movies about medieval themes, I wonder what answer you'd get. Duh.


Milly said...

There's a lot to be said for sharing a meal together. We have a gathering on wednesday nights for dinner before classes and we love it. I can see how home churches would thrive. You gain a family in a lot of ways. Our little group at church considers ourselves family.

karen said...

Like I've said. Churches always want to get big so they can have small groups. LOL.
Home churches rock. You know how I feel about that. It's the NT church coming back.

Patchouli said...

Can't wait to read his new book "Revoltion." TallSkinnyKiwi gave it a good review.

Patchouli said...

Revoltion? Revoltion?
A Freudian slip--try "Revolution."

codepoke said...

I got to get me some of that Revulsion. :-)

codepoke said...

The best thing about the home church, to me, is its intentionality. Nobody gets into a home church by accident. The people are all hungry.