27 January, 2007

Blogging: Weekend Fisher's Great Idea

Weekend Fisher has started up a Reconciliation Carnival.

This is an excellent idea, and one that should really work. It's also one that's completely foreign to me. :-) I've never looked at the issue that way. I want to play, if only because I hate ever sitting on the bench, but I had a hard time coming up with something on theme, "The Strawman." The basic idea is to find something about which your group is often the victim of a strawman attack, and tell both sides of the issue with balance.

I've been a lone ranger so long, I almost cannot do that.

In fact, I almost picked "lone ranger" as my subject. But why even try to defend something that absolutely not one living soul will defend.

Aaahhh. Why not. It's better than the idea I decided on instead.

Anyway, you ought to give it a shot. It's guaranteed to make you think, and expose you to some new bloggers!

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