28 January, 2007

Tennis: It was a good day

The Fed-era continues.

I was mistaken. I thought Gonzo would take the first set. I was wrong by one swing. Gonzalez had a set point on his racket, but Federer's return was just too good. He decided to run around it and crack it for a winner, but the position was nigh unto impossible, and he missed it a foot low.

From that moment, Federer applied the gas, and never let up.

It the beginning of the first set, it really was interesting. Both Gonzo and Federer were flailing badly. I hear it was because of the wind. But once the set was within Federer's grasp, he went into his own personal level of perfection. Nobody has ever touched him once he's gotten there. Gonzo was no exception.

To see highlights, you can check out these shorts from erichman. (He has a lot of the tourney, as long as he's there.)

As for me, I got a clean bill of health on my wrist Friday morning. Friday evening, I played 3 hours. Saturday evening, I played 4. Everything hurts, except the wrist. :-) It hurt to lay down in bed. I could not have been happier.

All those rehab exercises I have been laying on it seemed to make a huge difference.

You cannot imagine how good it feels to run full tilt, and hit out again after 4 months of half-speed and winter conditions. I actually paid green money to play - $15 one night and $10 the next. I know! It's so wierd. I was not sure I could jones bad enough to pay to play, but I think I'll be playing indoors for the next couple months. We'll see. The price is reasonable. To join and play costs $400/year + $16/hour. That's NOT reasonable. But these silly social tennis things I can afford. No annual fee, and $5/hour I will pay.

On Saturday I played lefty. It was good. I tried it Friday, and was horrible. On Saturday I started badly, but by the end of the evening, I had a little confidence going. I think I'm going to try to stay after it. Saturday nights seem like weaker players, so I may make that an all lefty event.

Anyway, more conditioning on Monday. :-)


Milly said...

Play on!

karen said...

I'm living vicariously through your tennis playing....