20 January, 2007

Life: Still whining about being busy :-)

It would be hard to exaggerate how busy my week has been. I don't let the blogging slide fer just nothin'!

Among the smaller things is a bit of unhappy news. My right wrist injury is indeed a partially torn ligament. Obviously, this beats a completely torn ligament, but I've had to give up putting a racket in its hand for a while.

No, that does not stop me from putting a racket in my left hand. :-)

I managed to get out and hit 1000 balls leftie yesterday. If all goes according to plan, I will get out Sunday as well, and be well on the way to starting a strength regime to get that left hand up and running. The worst possible outcome of all this is that I can always switch hands when I start losing my mental game. If I start hitting plum stupid, I just switch back to my right hand until I get my head back in order, and switch back to the left before I overwork that poor ligament. My chiro thinks it probably won't be surgical.

I'm enjoying getting to teach myself this game all over again, and this time doing it right. Like so much of my life, I am 100% self-taught at tennis. I watch the pros, and guess what they are doing to make the ball do what it does, then I try to do what I guessed. I've tried 2 different forehands and 4 different backhands with the right hand, and all of them executed just a little bit wrongly, I'm sure. It may just turn out that my left hand never learns the bad things, like dropping the head of the racket on the forehand volley, or pushing the ball when under pressure. Maybe I end up being a more secure player on the left wing, because it has always done it one way, the right way.

Anyway, I just finished 9 hours of programming sidework (phew - that had me sweating) so now I get to relax. Translation: I get to do the weekly shopping, finish my Romans summary in sonnet form, probably take the boy to see "Last King of Scotland" - which looks like a TREMENDOUS movie, and do the laundry and cooking. (Dang. I really needed to be working on that laundry all along. Now, I'm behind again.)

And Serena plays at 10:00.

BTW, I have not said much about the Aussie Open thus far because it has been wonderfully boring (my people are all winning - Federer, Hingis, Blake) and time has been at a premium.

If I have not commented at your blog, it's all because I cannot comment from work any more. :-( And at home, the computer is dedicated to the boy so much of the time. :-/ But, ya'll are still doing some great stuff out there, and I'm loving reading your feeds at work. I cannot get to your site, but I always read your RSS feeds in bloglines.

Off to the laundry.


BarBarA said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about your wrist but it sure doesn't seem to slow you down.

I had the same thing with my boy on the computer all the time so I finally got myself a laptop and now we hang out on the computer together :)

Milly said...

Please take care of yourself in all of this rushing about.

pearlie said...

Oh dear, I hope you are better by now. And I know it is both a shame anda frustration not being able to communicate via blogs. It is like being not allowed to talk. I am thinking of you.