29 April, 2006

Stumped and Stamped

Over at the Funnest Place on the Internet, Rich has me stumped. I mean the kind of stumped that doesn't even know where to start at getting unstumped. He has found 3 possible answers to the question, "Was Jesus Forsaken by God?" on the cross. The first answer is the standard one that we all got in Sunday School, but #'s 2 and 3 are pretty stout.

While you're there, just check out some of the things he does to keep his loyal subjects entertained :-). Like this gem from January. NATIONAL MASCOT CHALLENGE CHAMPIONSHIP or his inimitable lists.

And Congratulations to Danny Kaye who has stamped his name on the blogosphere for a full and utterly unpredictable year! I don't know anyone else who has gotten the word out on Iraq, tackled the perfect church, and discovered the reason for the Internet.


Rich said...

Muchas gracias, codepokias

The reason it's so fun is that we have Ken to kick around, but I'm starting to miss him. Both on the blog and in our writing partnership. With our schedules, extra-curriculars, and new happenings, we hardly have time to get together, much less do any writing.

Hopefully, Dorkman getting published will kick us back into gear, because we'll have deadlines from our publisher to correct her edits and whatnot. And then, we can continue on our current worthy projects.

Sorry, got sidetracked. I think I said what I came here for in that first sentence: Many thanks, codepoke.

codepoke said...

Only 124 days until Dorkman!

The day you know where to order, I will jump for the credit card. I cannot promise to order the full case, but I'll be needing more than one!

Danny Kaye said...

Hey Codepoke! Thanks for the plug. It's been a fantastic year and I look forward to another one that'll be filled with the making of many new friends and brothers and sisters.

Rich said...

Thanks, codepoke.

You're awesome!