17 April, 2006


Frederic Remington is famous for his western art. Of all his statues, this one connects with me.

"Northers" are particularly nasty snow storms blowing out of Canada. The cowboy and horse are both near frozen, and have turned their backs to the wind. There's nothing to be done for it. The bunkhouse may be days or weeks away, but the cattle still need tending.
That ol' cowhand will still be there when this norther has blown on through.


Milly said...

My great grandpa was said to be a cowboy. As an Okie with a cowboy for a great grandfather I have a special place in my heart for Remington.

codepoke said...

My father spent a couple summers on a ranch in Canada with his grands growing up. He always wanted to retire in Montana with a little spread. He wore his cowboy hat, boots, and belt until his dying day. I believe that it was mostly to keep the memory alive of those days up in Canada.

It's odd, but it took until this last couple years for me to begin to share his nostalgia. I cared nothing for cowboys growing up, but they impress me now. I think it's mostly that I now know how they really lived. A lot like that statue.

Milly said...

I think the movie Monty Walsh with Tom Sellek was good in showing us how hard it was on them. I wish that I had more of my great grandfathers history my grandmother didn't tell much. She wasn't very healthly when I was growing up. I would have loved to have known if my great grandmother was the reason he hung up his spurs. He had a hog leg and was a cowboy is all that I was told.

Danny Kaye said...

Up here in the north they are actually called "Nor-Easters". I've never heard the term "norther". Howdya like that? Ya' learn something new every other day.

I think the movie Monty Walsh with Tom Sellek was good in showing us how hard it was on them.

I think I am more of a "Blazing Saddles" kinda guy. (heh-heh)

codepoke said...

I believe that a Nor-easter comes off the Atlantic, and that Northers come from Alaska through Canada. Nor-easters are really wet. Northers can come with the most gorgeous of blue skies - I mean bluer than any blue you have every seen - and be 30 degrees below 0. They can also carry wicked snows, I guess.

Really, I'm no weather freak. I just lived in Texas long enough to think my guess is close enough for government work.

I know that statue tears me up, though.

Milly said...

My husband and I want to move to Montana some day. My dad has a great spot picked out. The fishing must be good.