30 April, 2006

Posting and commenting may be light

Yep, instead of blogging tonight, I am listening to an EXCITING DVD about how to be the presiding judge at a poll precinct for the upcoming Tuesday, May 2 primary.

Golly, folks.

I get to get up at 4:00-ish to be on site before 5:30 so I can be organized and awake for the other 3 judges, and then I get to drop my stuff off sometime after the polls close at 7:30. And I think they will frown upon me connecting to the Internet to keep up with our conversation threads. ;-)

So, Monday I will chat as usual, I imagine, and then disappear behind the moon for a while.

I worked the polls for the big Nov 2004 event. That was pretty exciting. For this, I expect to have to bring a book.


Milly said...

Good for you doing your duty. I know they probably pay you. The people here are so old I have to find my own name

codepoke said...

$110 for 22 hours work spread across 3 days.

3 hour class on Friday. Pick up the supplies on Saturday. Review everything on Sunday and Monday if you're a nervous type. Then Tuesday, of course.

This is the first election in which they will use a brand-new voting machine, so it will be interesting in that way, too.