11 April, 2006

It was a good day...

I am remiss in my duties to the bible study going on just a post or two down.

I hope I will find grace in the eyes of my friends. :-)

Here's the excuse list.
  • Today was the first day of tennis practice.
  • But, I had to be late for it, so I could pick up the newly cleaned pistols and ammo for my daughter's and my shooting date. Dropping them for professional service was a good idea. The smallest of the bunch (all inherited from my Dad, BTW) is used up. Too large a gap from the cylinder to the barrel, allowing possible lead shaving with unpredictable outcome. It is now parked.
  • So, that was 90 minutes of rush hour shopping. Yippees. All over creation.
  • Practice has started as I drive by the courts to go home and pick up the rackets and necessary paraphenalia.
  • 1/4 mile from home, I notice something odd. I don't know what, but it's wierd. I look in the mirror, and I am draining fluid on the roadway, and the car is revving higher than it should. 100% chance I am losing transmission fluid. Big ol' hill to climb. Will it make it? Will I burn anything up? Well, with an automatic transmission, if you can still pull up a hill, you have enough fluid not to be ruining anything in 1/4 mile, so I nurse the ol' girl home.

That could have happened anywhere!

If that happens up in Powell, I have an hour long wait for a tow, I'm out a tip plus mileage (I have AAA since I am single now) and another hour in the tow truck, and still have a broken car. As it was, I was able to find the problem, fix it with parts and fluid that I had laying around, put kitty litter on the worst of the oil I spilled on the 2 blocks closest to home and make it to tennis practice only 90 minutes late.

What a cool night. I love it when the Lord is kind. The line that failed was doomed, and there was simply not a better time or place for it to break.

Praise the Lord.


Rich said...

Glad your car made it home, and you could fix it. What a bummer it is to go without a car for a day or two or have to rent one.

You're right. The Lord is good.

Milly said...

Great out look on this. Some would have grumbled about the day. :-}

I worked over then was caught in traffic, they were doing construction and a simi flipped. My man wasn't able to go to his meeting. (not a happy face) I was just happy to be out side and talking to nice folks. Plus my simi wasn't flipped.

codepoke said...

Flipped tractor-trailers are like way worse than anything I had going on. I really did just enjoy the day, and I don't think the damage will end up costing me $20. The relief alone was worth it. :-)