06 April, 2006

Anyone up for a group bible study?

Thinking about something Danny Kaye said this morning, and a thought came to me. Sounds like fun to me.
  1. Someone picks a verse and writes a note or two.
  2. Someone else puts a note in the comments of the post saying "I've got it." Then he or she copies and pastes the whole thing into their blog, adds and tinkers at will and posts it. Then they go back, and add another comment linking the original post to the new one.
  3. Everyone repeats randomly until bored.
Worth trying?


Danny Kaye said...

I would be up for it except I still can't post to my own blog. Perhaps once I am fully functional I will jump on board whatever it is you all get going.

Sounds fun!

BTW: What did I say that triggered this. I can't figure it out for the life of me. :-)

codepoke said...

That's a chuckle!

I was mulling over your comments about finding brothers with whom to pursue the Lord. The idea of wanting to do something with ya'll that would be participatory instead of preachy came to mind somewhere along that wandering course.

Milly said...

I could try it.

My brain needs a time out right now. Long day on the new job.

Milly said...

So you all know the Easter Bunny isn't as good as Santa. Wisdom from a six year old who doesn't think he can bring a CD player.

I sooo think he can.

codepoke said...

Three's a good start by me! First one to come up with a good verse can go.

I am leaning toward:
Phil 2
12 Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 13 for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.

But, I cannot get any comments together on it tonight. If something is on any of your hearts, I will lay this one aside. (Might happen anyway ;-)

Dee said...

I would love to do this. I may not be on every day but I would try to add what I can to the group.

I will be happy to comment on the verse you mentioned

God gives us salvation not for only our benefit but for the benefit of others. They can see how our salvation has changed our lives and thru living for God we gain happiness and can lead them to God. If we work things out and live as we should, our lives will be enriched and we can reach those who need to be led to God. We will not feel we have to make sacrifices but we will want to make the sacrifices we must make to live a Godly life.

God works through us when we are doing the work he wants us to do.

Andreia said...

The thing that has always struck me about this verse is the idea that our salvation is a work in progress. Not to underplay that our salvation was bought by the blood of Christ, but to emphasize that whereever we might be in the journey, it is part of a process. We are ever-evolving. The doubts, questions and fears are part of it and the manner in which we handle the doubts and fears is what is important.

I used to think that if I was a Christian I should not feel these things. This verse suggests the opposite. Despite those things, we still should stand in awe of a God that gives us salvation.

Milly said...

I posted Philippians 2-18 because, It’s just that good!

I love how it tells us to look at each other’s need and interests.

I get from reading 6 that we aren’t to be God like we are to be humbled and obedient.

In 12 it goes on to say that even when he wasn’t present we should still obey. I’ve discussed during a different discussion that in the Old Testament God was as someone said “an in your face presence” we have examples of Him speaking to the person directly. When Jesus came He spoke directly to them. We are now left like teens in the house alone without the parents to yell “knock it off or I’ll come down there!” How we behave will depend on how we are rewarded. I volunteer in things that interest me, No I’m not saying that you should pick stuff you don’t like. I’m saying that I have had to do things I don’t like and Wednesday was an example. We called the mail room purgatory. The machine has a mind of its own and sometimes it just doesn’t like me. I was blessed with talking to someone I love so I ended up having fun. Philippians tells me that I should have bounced in and worked happily. I was doing His work. Mailing CDs and Tapes for the Workshop is important and I should have realized even the icky work should be done with glee.

Love this,

that at the time of Jesus every knee should bow


Danny Kaye said...

I went ahead and posted this thread on my site earlier today.

I hope this goes well for all who want to join in! :-)

BTW: Codepoke, you sure picked a pretty intense passage to start us out!
Thanks. It was just what the doctor ordered.

codepoke said...

Danny Kaye collected all the thoughts so far, and got us started.