26 April, 2006

Science - They have discovered fermentation

Scientific American announced this morning that they have discovered that Bacteria Render Beans Easier to Digest and More Nutritious

Amidst using a bunch of really long words, and telling about how rats get stronger, they tell us, "Such lactic acid bacteria are already used to help create products like yogurt." In other words, you should ferment your beans in fermented milk products so that you can get more nutrition and less gas from them.



Milly said...

As a bean cooking/eating expert. Who cares about the gas. It's about the taste. Just soak them over night.

See it's chilly in Okie land today. Now I want beans. :_{

DugALug said...

That's okay.

I watched show where the guest was Dr. Ruth and she triumphantly declared that after years and years of research, it has been found that the very best sex possible was with a willing monogamous mate in the framework of a marriage. Well imagine that! What was written thousands of years ago in the Bible by God, with no research necesary, turned out to be true!

Isn't science amazing?

God Bless

Rich said...

Who cares about the gas.

Doesn't that all come down to perspective, Milly?

If you're the perpetrator or the victim?

I can attest to the fact that I've been in rooms... well, let's just say, there are definitely times, when, yes, I care. I care a lot!

Rich said...

Oh, and I hope that last comment doesn't hijack the post. But I think there's potential ;)

Milly said...

I almost choked from laughing so hard. I care too, I was kidding. I just moved to nights after working days the men don’t smell as good at night several times the smell got to me. I worked with a puppeteer in a very small space he told me if someone passes gas noone can say anything. Yiks! we were in a Mexican restaurant. =O

codepoke said...

Mexican restaurant puppeteers, Dr. Ruth, and flatulence should NOT appear in the same comments thread! People are trying to work around here.

Whatsoever things pure... Whatsoever things pure... Whatsoever things pure...

It's not working. ;-D

Milly said...

Mexican restaurant puppeteers, Dr. Ruth, and flatulence

I smell a best selling book here.


Rich said...

If I was a puppeteer working in a Mexican restaurant, and someone was dropping frijole-laden bombs inside the puppet cart, I may not say anything, but there'd be some clobberin' going on.

Maybe if I was a puppeteer I'd try a nice, aromatic seafood restaurant instead of the Mexican.

And I don't even know how Dr. Ruth's flatulence got into this discussion...

DugALug said...


That what matches and candles are for.... duh!

The kids would think that the sparks coming from inside the cart were pyrotechnic special effects from your cool puppet show! For added 'zing' just keep in time to the music.


Milly said...

Cart a puppet cart?I can't even picture a cart. It was a small room with a small stage. I sat with puppets between my legs and. . . I'm shut'n up now.