01 January, 2006

Would you believe ...?

That I am the only Google blogger who does gregg shorthand for a hobby?

I know! Me neither!

Oh well. Google must not have many bloggers.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in a gregg shorthand system that works on your PC, feel free to respond to this post. I should have it ready for public consumption by 1/9. It works with your keyboard, but after you learn it you can use it with standard longhand as well. And if you want to make the jump to actual Gregg (so that no one will have a foggy clue what you are writing about them), it's reasonably easy once you have the system down.

The program you need to make my dictionary run costs money, but I will charge you nothing for the dictionary.

Across 4 million+ characters typed, I only had to type 2.1 million of them. And I just upgraded my system, so I expect to see even better numbers (and it is easier to learn). On 1/9 I am going to reset my counters again, and see what my new percentage is. I suspect it might over 50% saved.

We all have our little amusements. Mine are just less likely to make me popular :-D

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