19 January, 2006


The small group I attend (with my current church) is going to take on the book of James.

You could not guess how excited that makes me.

I spent a decade too arrogant to teach, another focusing on Paul, and a third focusing on the experience of loving God as a small group. For whatever reason, all that has left me hungry for James. I had decided a couple weeks ago that James was where I was going to go for the next couple of months.

And then whammo! My group is doing James.

Too cool.

The ESV intro to James is pretty cool too. I bet everyone else has heard James called the "Proverbs" of the New Testament, but it was new on me. The one thing I do know going in is that James is probably the first surviving piece of Christian literature. The upshot is that it is the piece with the least formulaic doctrine, and that appeals to me greatly. It is raw common sense in the spiritual realm.

Looking forward.

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