26 January, 2006

Sunrise was stunning

Seriously. I don't think it changed my life, but it was sure beautiful, and unique in my experience.

It was a completely overcast morning in Columbus, OH, but somewhere out in the East there must have been a break in the clouds. The sun had not yet risen enough to peek over the horizon, but it had risen enough to cast light on the bottom of the cloud cover. The eastern clouds were pure gold.

All that was beautiful, but the amazing thing was the pillar of light that rose straight up from the place where the sun was preparing to emerge.

A golden beacon the width of the sun split the sky and outdazzled every other bit of gold in view. This pillar of fire almost begged me to turn my car due East, and follow it wherever it might lead.

If I had not been praying just last night about going East, I might not have been so moved. As it was, it sweetened an already beautiful sight. May the Lord grant wisdom.


Kansas Bob said...

Nice post ... got my mind off myself and my day.

codepoke said...


Glad I'm not alone!