08 January, 2006

BCM: #1, Step 5 - A Strait and Narrow Trust

This is really the 5th post in the first Blue Collar Meditation. This step is "Do something with what you found." I wrote a song with this one.

Here is the Table of Contents to the whole thing.

Verse 1:
I thought that I could earn my way
Your holy law I'd obey
But then Your Spirit moved
He my heart reproved
And showed me the Savior by faith
I fled my sin, kneeling entered in
and started

Trusting only You
only You
Your Way brings me home
And You’re my hope alone
So I keep

Verse 2:
Now when the rain on the Pathway
I get so tired and the darkness galls
I turn my heart to You
And I speak what's true
And answ'ring, Your Shepherd voice calls
Up the path You lead
I find all I need
and I keep

Verse 3:
And when the sun on my way shines
It's then Your grace lights
my eyes
I run along the Road
Dashing toward Your Throne
Eagerly watching the skies
I'll see Your Face
Fly to Your embrace
and I'll be

Chorus with Coda:
Trusting only You
Trusting only You
Your Way brings me home
And You’re my hope alone
So I keep
trusting, trusting,
trusting, trusting
By faith we find the Gate
And with You learn the Way
I'm trusting, trusting
Oh-oh-oh-only You

(Anyone care to guess to what tune this is written?)


Rich said...

Hey, that's cool! I'm never good at guessing tunes from words so I won't embarrass myself.

Anyway, after you've written the song, it sort of begs the question what's next, right? Well, du'oh, you just shared it with the world -- my bad!

But I guess I was going to ask are you playing it in your church? Sending it to a musician? Keeping a catalog of songs you're going to share someday? Or are these mainly between you and God?

[I'll hang up and listen.]

codepoke said...

Thanks, Rich.

My main musical talent is volume, so I doubt I will be singing anything in church!

I did give to our worship leader, and I gave him the tab for it, but I think the tune is just a little difficult for him. (Crying by Roy Orbison)

I have a dozen or so other songs that I will probably dig out and share some day. When I was a member of the home church for that decade, we used to write and sing our own songs all the time. We probably had a songbook of 300 songs, of which a third were our own.

eclexia said...

Way too cool! What a great finale! I had to go hunting to find the tune. I love it! It's a perfect fit and the words are beautiful and together with the music, even moreso. What a beautiful proclamation and affirmation of your abandonment to trust God.