20 January, 2006

Idol Mockery

We need more average people willing to stand up in front of the body of Christ, and sing average songs with average skill, right from the heart. I'm afraid that after an exposure to American Idol, we will have fewer!

Yes, I got to watch half of an episode of American Idol last night. And I got to see my first DVR in action. Both were pretty entertaining.

That, of course, is the problem.

It is really entertaining to see people face their fears, and triumph. The vaudeville-like performance of the girl who sang Quiet by that Norwegian girl, for example. It was cool to see her get the ticket to LA. She actually performed. The cowboy kid who had only sung to a turkey was pretty awesome. He had a voice, and so they gave him a shot. He will profit for life from the lessons he takes preparing for this chance.

The doofs are entertaining too, but in a different way. We are amazed that they think they are fully functioning people. What doofs! Not only can they not sing, but their "flawless" thinking is shot full with holes. A nice guy might wish that he didn't want to laugh at these hapless souls, but who can resist? It's hilarious.

Both extremes cause problems for me. Granted, on a scale of 1-10, these problems rate about a 3, but I am bothered by them, so I will open the ol' mouth.

The doofs cause me to be afraid to stand up in front of the people of God and share from the heart. Who am I to say that I am not the doof? Am I boring everyone? Amusing them? Who wants to be embarassed like that before God or man?

The winners cause me to be afraid to stand up in front of the people of God too! They tell me, "We are trained professionals, don't try this at home."

Sometimes, too, I channel Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul (though I might be too decent to do it aloud). My flesh either criticizes or flatters everyone. After I do it, though, I'm always just that little bit more afraid to share my heart. I suspect that Simon and Paula are lurking in the hearts of my brothers and sisters, because I sure know they're whispering their observations in mine!

Ah, it's probably just me.

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