31 December, 2005

The American Express Game

Here we go. I have always been nervous about the blog games, but I'll give one a chance.

A post by Kansas Bob prompted this. I saw these adds in Tennis magazine, and frankly thought they were pretty cool. I'm not creative enough to come up with the idea myself, but I'll go with it.

My childhood ambition ... Middle linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. No other position, no other team would do.
My fondest memory ... The day my mother in the Lord sent me home with my first stack of books.
My soundtrack ... Anything I can sing from memory. Right now I'm working on Redemption Songs by Jars of Clay.
My retreat ... Alone on a tennis court, nothing but me and the backboard, hitting that stupid little ball as hard as I can. I find winter a little crazy-making.
My wildest dream ... To know, love, and fellowship with every Christian who lives within a half mile of me.
My proudest moment ... Saying, "No" in 1997.
My biggest challenge ... Ummmm. In case you didn't notice, this is about the most social thing I've ever done in my life.
My alarm clock ... My (company provided) BlackBerry PDA. It's also my cell phone, email fix, prayer journal, blog idea log, ....
My perfect day ... 4 churches get together and share the best of 2006 with each other. I just want to be a part of it.
My first job ... Sandwich maker at Rax. Loved every second of it. 14 hour days, 5 days a week. It was a blast.
My indulgence ... Right now, it's my new Tilley winter hat. As soon as I overcome my guilt, though, I am going to buy a tennis ball machine. I love hitting the backboard, but a machine! Ooohhh!
My last purchase ... Pizza for the kids for New Years
My favorite movie ... Braveheart, but I just finished Serenity with the kids, and DOGGONE! What a flick! I may have a new favorite. Nah. But, CLOSE!
My inspiration ... Trouble. I love trouble.
My life ... Work
My card ... The Jack (of all trades, but master of none)

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