26 December, 2005

What to eat? What to eat?

Weight is not a constant concern of mine, but diet is. What I eat, and what my kids eat, is of great importance to me. My diet is simple, though, so I can keep up with it. Here it is:

God made us to eat, and made a world of things for us to eat.
If people have been eating a food for the last 6000 years, I try to eat more of it.
If it was invented in the last 200 years, I try to eat less of it.
I only eat it if I like it.
I like almost everything.

Sugar kind of = in
High fructose corn syrup, 0 calorie sweeteners, highly refined sugar = out
Meat = in
Fat = in
Veggies = in

"Bread" is where I am going with this post. I am going to post 2 recipes, so that I can can link a couple of my friends to them. Bread is obviously in, but only with caveats. Bread is better when it is better for you. Soooo, I eat my sourdough, and my buttermilk bread whenever possible.

Fiberless white bread digests easily, but is really, really low on complex carbs - no staying power. Store bought brown breads are really colored white bread. They add token fiber, so they are "whole wheat", but only in name. Home made brown breads don't digest very well. There's lots of nutrition and fiber in them, but the body can get overloaded with them.

The answer is fermentation. Sourdough. And not sourdough-flavored white bread. Simple bread leavened with sour starter. Very cool stuff.

The other practical answer is buttermilk biscuits. Again, not buttermilk flavored biscuits, but serious buttermilk biscuits, left out to ferment for at least 12 hours before cooking.

Good stuff, Maynard.

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