17 December, 2006

Tennis: Ummmm. Yeah.

Well, after beating my coach last weekend, and playing him a tough, tough match yesterday, today was ... how shall we say? Not so much. :-D

You wouldn't have known it to watch me, but I loved today too.

3-6, 0-6, 5-4 (called for loss of light.)

I'm not sure, but I think my problem might have been that I was trying to bounce the ball over the net. Literally, at least 5 times I had a good setup shot, and hit it hard into the ground before it ever got to the net. Those were interspersed with the occasional shot that hit the fence before the ground. And there were some gorgeous shots gracing the edges of the game.

When the wheels come off, I still have not figured out how to get my game back on track. I stopped the choke for a while, but then the ol' mind just went away.

That's alright.

The coach finally feels like he is getting some benefit out of playing me. That means I get to play more. It's all good.

And, there were a couple good hitters in the next court, and I gave them this blog address. So maybe I'll even get to hit against someone new. One can hope.


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milly said...

I was a great day here too bad I needed sleep and had to work. I might have gone outside and not chased the ball. ;-}