29 December, 2006

Tennis: A Little Thing

I know this won't be much to most of you, but it really touches me. The Lord cares about the littlest things.

My tennis racket is 13 years old. In a sport driven by technology, that really makes a difference. My backup racket is probably 10 years old, and it is 5% different from my match racket. 5% doesn't sound like much, but at 78 feet, that's 4 of them. Ever tried to adjust your play by 4 feet when your target is often 2 feet wide?

There's even a slight chance that the old materials are contributing to my continuing wrist trouble.

I've wanted a consistent set of rackets for a while.

A hitting partner of mine just bought 4 of the exact rackets I wanted, and decided he didn't like them. I get them at 2/3 the normal discount price. And the money is there. I just did the books yesterday.

I was looking for rackets 6 months ago, and these were just too new to even look for. They were exactly what I wanted, but I decided to look for something older - more reasonable. I could not be happier. I get to pay a price for them that helps a friend - I'm not ripping him off - and I get 4 rackets, which is what I really wanted, but didn't dare hope for, and they are the best racket ever for my game - for me.

I'm ashamed that something so "this worldly" means so much to me, but I wanted to say it in public.

Thank you, Lord.


BarBarA said...

This is nothing to be ashamed of if you ask me (you didn't but I'm going to give my two cents anyhow - smile).

I think our Heavenly Father loves to give us gifts, all types, just like we love to give to our children. I think its wonderful that you got these rackets and probably was not a "coincidence", now go out and have some fun on the court!

karen said...

Wow...I think it's great. Tools to do what you love! Gee, Kevin, give yourself a break! (my 2 cents worth!) Even Jesus went on a wine run! :)

I played with wooden rackets...I be old!

Patchouli said...

And your girl is supposed to feel HOW when you give her a gift out of the blue?

Good for you, and enjoy the love!

codepoke said...

Thank you all. He's a great Father.

Me too on the wooden rackets. I still impress people by beating them with mine. But, I've had to quit using it, because I'm almost sure that it actually aggravated my wrist back in the summer.

And your girl is supposed to feel HOW when you give her a gift out of the blue?

You've put your finger on one of my greatest weaknesses. Maybe I can learn something backwards from this. Thank you.

Milly said...

Good for you. Not everything in life is about giving up of yourself, we are allowed rewards. You needed it upgrade so that you can still keep playing that's a mind, body, and spirit issue for you and God knows it. Enjoy!

codepoke said...

I split sets today with a college girl who has the same coach. Lost the first, but got my head back together to win the second.

2-6, 6-4.

Yes, I would have beat up on a girl, if I could. :-) Instead, we traded thrashings.

The good news?

My wrist hurts less after playing today than it ever did with the old racket. Either I was playing a flatter than usual game, or the racket really made a difference.

Either way, it made me grin all afternoon. :-)