16 December, 2006

Tennis: A Fun Defeat

Yep, I played my coach again. This time his ankle was better, and my skills were no surprise to him. That "ambush factor" was pretty important last week. This time, he had me thoroughly scouted, and he knew what to try.

5-7, 4-6.

It was a good match. Early in the second set, I was up 2-0, and blinked to find I was behind 2-4. One hates to drop 4 games in a row. But, I didn't drop them so much as he took them. I only choked on maybe one shot in 50 today.

He played against my mobility. I am both fast and strong out there. He decided he could not play against my strength, so he moved me a lot. Forward, backward, and side to side. That's OK. It is my greatest joy to run balls down that no one should get. He played the old dropshot, deep passing shot, dropshot combination. The passing shot was literally beyond me before I started running for it.

He lost that point. ;-D

I love this game.

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Milly said...

I know you love it. ;-}