28 December, 2006

Fun: You know your gender, but what's your brain's?

I don't usually like or take tests like this. They ask 20 or so typical questions, and then make a huge, sweeping assertion. Never mind that their answers are usually right. :-) It's just that it usually takes me about 2 questions to figure out how to answer to get the result I want. So, if I walk in figuring I have a male mind, I score male. Simple.

This test is provided by the BBC science dept, and is 6 sections long (about 30 minutes.) Only on one or two sections can you game the system, even if you feel like it. If you try hard on all 6 sections, I think you get a pretty good assessment of how you process the world around you. Of course, you can intentionally botch the sections you know are for the "other" side, but you cannot pretend to be better at something than you are in 4 of the sections.

It's pretty cool.

SEX I.D.: Find out how your mind works

I am a ZERO.

On a scale of 100/Female to 100/Male, I am dead in the middle. Nada. I guess I'm not even sure I'm here any more.

Did I say I liked this test? Maybe the non-entity formerly known as Codepoke liked it.



japhy said...

I scored...

1. Lines: 20/20; Objects: 8/14 (+2 wrong)
2. Left thumb on top
3. Empathising 6/20; Systemising 13/20; Eyes: 7/10
4. Left: 0.94; Right: 0.96
5. I prefer feminine faces
6. Objects: 10/12; Words: 10; Money split: 25

Overall: 50 (male), the average male score.

One other comment... Some scientists think that women's oestrogen levels make them much better at noticing details of their environment and spotting changes. Wow. If that doesn't explain why men think women are nit-pickers.

Milly said...

Milly is 100 percent female.

And Japhy nit-picky! Tuck in that shirt young man!

I prefer male faces. ;-}
I also split the money even seemed like the right thing to do.

codepoke said...

Very cool, both of you.

I managed to only score 13/20 on the lines, Japhy. That was harsh. I could not believe I had been that wrong the whole way. Learned something new, and somewhat disturbing about myself. ;-)


100%. Wow. I'd have figured you for a good ways to the feminine side, but that's the whole way. Good stuff.

On the money game, I think Christians are going to tend to split the money 50/50. We are 3 for 3 on the $25 split. It's cool, but we are not really playing it straight. We are playing what we would want our partner to do for us.

karen said...

These things are humiliating for me..I always score toward the masculine mind. I (think) I got like around 20 on the male side. I bombed out on the word thing because I did more word association, i.e.; grey flannel, grey mouse, happy birthday, etc. I can't think in terms of synonyms.
I also have engineering and drafting training so I always score high on the lines, spatial and objects stuff (i'm an artist!)..low on systems, though. I prefer masculine faces, and split money 50-50. At least you're balanced, Kevin. :-/ Now I'm questioning my femininity. ;-)Guess I'll go shopping.....

Milly said...

Not that I think I'm not 100 percent woman but I figured I’d be a bit on over.
11 out of 20 for the line thing
71% for the picture thing none wrong
Right thumb
Empathizing 12 out of 20
systemizing 16 out of 20

Had they tossed in Bosch or Dewalt questions I might have been over a bit to the male side I guess.

DugALug said...

I scored:
1) Lines 20/20
Objects: 10/14 with none wrong.

2) Left Thumb on top

3) Empathising 18/20
Systemising 18/20
Eyes: 7/10

4) Left 0.9
Right 0.9

5) I prefere feminine faces

6) Objects 12/12
Words 10
Money Split 50

Overall: 25 (Male)

Guess I'm not overly masculine.

God Bless

Danny Kaye said...

I don't know how I feel about this, but I was about 25% on the girly side! Hmmmm...Perhaps there is more truth to CP's accusation that I am not typical of the male species of humans.

I didn't record all the results like Japhy and Doug. But I do remember that it said I liked feminine faces. So I guess I got that going for me. And I offered to keep only 20 of the 50 pounds for myself figuring that, if there was a chance that I could end up with nothing, the other person would be more likely to accept that offer. I also figured that I would have 20 pounds more than I had before.

Now please excuse me. I hafta go watch a football game or something!

codepoke said...

I was dangerously close to liking masculine faces, but we won't mention that again.

I think the whole point of the thing was that somewhere we all approach the world in a non-sex way. Even Japhy had his thumb on top.

If you read the article, the finger-length thing was determined for all of us 6 months before we were born. And with the finger-length, the testosterone levels that formed our whole outlooks on life. Before the end of the first trimester, God knew whether we would get weepy at a chick flick.

Maybe instead of pushing for egalitarianism, I should just vote for men like myself and Danny. ;-D

codepoke said...

Guess I'll go shopping.....

And I'll go yell at sports on television. I'll cheer for the ones in the yellow uniforms, 'cause they're so much cooler than the blue uniforms.

karen said...

That finger thing was interesting. Mine were exactly the same length. I had to look up the inches to mm conversion!
Hey, I'll vote for men like you and Danny K. My hubby would probably fall somewhere in your ranges.

Lynne said...

and I'm about 20% girl!
bombed right out on the lines and the details (I don't do details)became feminine again when it came to empathy (I don't begin to get systems)I like male faces and is there any other way to divide money except 50/50?
Not sure I'll tell my husband I'm only 20% feminine though .. LOL!

codepoke said...

BHT followed the post up with this video that explains the difference between men and women:

Sheik Jassem Al-Mutawah

DugALug said...


Evidentally, the Sheik didn't think before he made such a stupid video... rofl.

God Bless

eclexia said...

OH, I am laughing too hard at that video by the sheikh. I'm glad he told me that "to retreat intelligently" is what is necessary to compensate for being a poor woman, who by nature has it all backwards :)

To retreat intelligently. I've got to remember that!