11 December, 2006

FHC: WooHoo! Someone's Asking the Right Questions!

I doubt I'm going to like this gentleman's answers, but I dream I might; boy do I dream I might.

The question is this:
About four years ago I attended a seminar on missional church where the speaker asked the question “How many Christians do you think there were in the year 100AD?” He then asked “how many Christians do you think there were just before Constantine came on the scene, say 310AD?” Here is the somewhat surprising answer…

100AD There are as little as 25 000 Christians
310AD There are as many as 20 000 000 Christians

He then asked the question, and it has haunted me to this day, “how did they do this?”

The whole article is here

I don't have time to open this can of delights right now! Aaarrgh!!!! I'm not even keeping up with comments on ya'll's sites, and I have three posts to get out by Wednesday. But mark this thought. I will have to come back to it.

Hat tip to iMonk.

(BTW - they got around to blocking posting from within the network here. So, I have to email my posts to myself at home, then post them from there.)

(Well that won't work because of the line breaks. I need to email attachments, I guess.)

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