25 December, 2006

Christmas: Isaiah 9 - A Light in Our Desperation

We were walking in darkness
But in the distance, You hinted a light.
We wept, feeling our way to nowhere
Then You came, and shone full on us

You made Your church a nation of the living
You turned our tears to joy
We rejoice in Your Light
As wage-slaves rejoice in a year-end bonus
As day traders party
After a big kill.

Like the victory at Appomattox
Your birth shattered
The shackles that enslaved us
The chains that bound us
The whips of those who oppressed us.

Every device that deceived us
Every false hope for which we bled
You will save for burning
With them You fuel the fires of hell

Your brightness put on flesh
When to us the Son was given
All government descended upon Your shoulders
We learned to call Mary's Son
Wonderful Advisor, God Over All
Everlasting Sire, Warlord of Peace.

Your government grows, century after century, in power and quietness
You reign from the eternal Throne
Lord of Your Father's kingdom
Indwelling us and supplying us
Forgiving us and making us true
From the day You rose until the day You return
Your righteous ambition
Accomplishes all this.

1 comment:

pearlie said...

For unto us a child is born
Unto us a Son is given
And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Thanks for sharing Isaiah 9 in your own words.

Merry Christmas and a blessed 2007 to you and all at home!