04 December, 2006

Changes for Codepoke

I will be changing my style out here just a little bit.

My past style was to blog at night, and read comments at lunch and just before leaving. That was easy, because I can read mo' better with a sandwich in my hand than I can type that way.

My new style will be influenced by the fact that my company just decided to block all blogspot sites at the firewall. I can no longer read my blog at work, much less comment. It's a solid decision, and I have no complaints about it. It's a security improvement for us, and will probably result in fewer people being fired. (You may have noticed that blogging can be a mite addictive.)

For a while, I am able to post up new writings from work, and I am doing so now. When that is blocked, I will start emailing my posts home.

The upshot is quite disappointing for me.

I will not be able to comment in as timely a manner as is my wont. I hate to leave anyone's comment sitting out there, because I hate it when my comments sit unanswered. But the odds are good that I will only get to comment once a day going forward, and that on all 50 of the blogs I track.

It will be interesting to see how I react to this new constraint.

By God's grace, we will move straightly forward.



Milly said...

I was a bit surprised that you were still able to do this from work. Most companies shut stuff out.

codepoke said...


And did I mention that my son's homework and love letters take precedence over my blogging?

Yeah, it's too late to start, and I have a migraine anyway.

We'll try again manana.

Milly said...

Without a doubt the love letters are more important. Hah ;-} My son tells me when I say anything about girls "Mom you know I'm not ready for that."

Sorry about the banger I know how that feels. Hope it's better in the AM.

You could purchase a new laptop for him. I want one too!

Danny Kaye said...

Hey, CP. I feel it for ya'.
Though my company doesn't shut stuff off, they do keep track of what sites are visited, by whom, and how much time is spent online.

So I cut back a bit, even though I am "flying below the radar" and they don't "see me." (I have the abiity to skirt the watchful eyes if I want to. ;-)

pearlie said...

because I hate it when my comments sit unanswered.

I know I am guilty of that lately -and there are a few of your comments I have get to it yet. Will pop you a mail when I do especially on the HP one. TTYL!

codepoke said...

hehehe, Maeghan.

You were not of whom I was thinking at all. :-) No worries, and besides, I have not been able to get back to check on your replies.