13 November, 2006

Watch the Tennis Master's Finale - Free on the Internet!

No joke, no spam.


For $5 you can watch a 5 minute highlight video of every match of the entire week, and for free you can watch the whole doubles tournament. It's seriously good stuff, and it doesn't take too long to watch.

This is a complex tournament. Only the 8 best men in the world are invited. They break into 2 groups of 4, and play round robin. The two best of each group meet in a semifinal. The winners of the semis play the final on Friday.

Federer and Nadal are in opposite groups, so they can only meet in the final. Already, though, we have seen Federer and Nadal show the contrast of their games.

Federer versus Nalbandian saw Federer drop the first set under a withering barrage by Nalbandian - then come back to win the next two sets 6-1, 6-1.

Nadal versus Blake showed the opposite. Nadal lost the first set, jumped out to the early lead in the second, and then saw Blake nibble his way back into the match. The announcer credited Blake's control of the errors that almost gave the set away. Then came the deciding tiebreak, which Nadal lost 0-7.

Nadal's power/spin game is not suited to the hardcourts yet, and any game that is one-dimensional is subject to meltdown. Federer can always reach back for another strategy. Nadal must work his way through every problem on sheer muscle-strength - more power, more spin.

There are two more round-robin matches for each of them. Federer plays Roddick tomorrow (or early this morning, or some such - the tourney is in Shanghai.) Roddick is fresh off a sound thumping of Ljubicic. We'll see what he can bring, but I call it Federer in two, though the first one should be close.

(If anyone cares to talk doubles, I'll call that one too! Bryan/Bryan should win this thing, but they were shocked in their first match. :-( )


Milly said...

I still haven't caught up on The Nine I can't add anything more.

It's cool that we can watch our stuff on line we spend so little on these things as it is. ;-}

Milly said...

when are you moving to beta?

Andreia said...

Oh my dad is so gonna love this!Thanks!

codepoke said...

Sorry. No betting here.