30 November, 2006

FHC: Inner City Church Anyone?

The more I think about it, the more I'm liking my little off-the-cuff idea of starting a cross-denominational neighborhood church in the bowels of downtown. Lots of thoughts. No answers.


BTW, I got to talk to a brother and sister from our little home church of the '90's last night. That was very cool. And I got to take an almost 2 hour long walk with the boy.

What a great night!

I won't apologize for any lateness in my post or comments. :-)


Milly said...

I won't apologize for any lateness in my post or comments. :-)

Nor should you. :-}

Missy said...

One of the brothers in my church back in Texas started a weekly devotional/study group during his lunch break. He works in a law office in downtown Fort Worth. I think it very quickly grew to twice a week because it took off so well. It started with a few members of our church that worked downtown and grew to include disciples from many different churches and many different businesses. They started meeting at his business, but later everyone pitched in to pay for a conference room. It was pretty neat.

Milly said...

I know someone who started a conference call Bible study. It has really grown.

Andreia said...

You know I was thinking yesterday that if we had the neighborhood church they would not be diverse. You would have wealthy, wealthy churches and very poor churches. I think it might be even worse than it is now. The idea of a group of Christians moving into the inner city is neat.

There would be real work for any stay-home moms monitoring the neighborhood and perhaps opening their homes after school for tutoring. They could support the single moms in unique ways that they can not do when they are separated by distance and when their families require their daily in the home presence.

There also would be neat opportunities for the men especially in the areas where their are single mom families. These moms could benefit from their sons participating in a pick-up basketball game with Christian men.

I like the idea too. Of course, I can be idealistic. (I am just 35!)

Andreia said...

i cant believe I typed their instead of there. Please forgive. : )

Milly said...


That is idealistic what we’ve seen in the past is when the folks with money move in the ones without are forced out. They raise the property value. Those who have the cash improve the surroundings in the way things look. If we plopped a Familyhood Church in my neighborhood most of the people attending would be in the higher cash range. I chose this area for a reason, I know it sounds terrible but I wanted my children to be safer than what we had.