23 November, 2006

Thank You

The turkey is in the oven, and the plans are all laid, so there is a moment.

Thank you, all, for welcoming me into your thoughts, and for sharing the Lord with me. It would be hard to describe how much it means to me that you come here and share our love for the Lord, but it is beautiful to me.

Kansas Bob
Danny Kaye
Weekend Fisher

I hope that I have returned to you a fraction of the joy you have given me.



Milly said...

You have given me so much friend.
Thank you

pearlie said...

And I thank you.
Your turkey was in the oven,
My friend is in my heart.

haha ... i know that sounds corny but might as well - it's thanksgiving.

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks back to you! Looking forward to another year of cyber-friendship Kevin.

Blessings, Bob

Weekend Fisher said...

You're a good-hearted man, Kevin. I'm glad to know you.

DugALug said...


Many thanks... but I hope you've taken the turkey out by now ;).

Much love to you and all of the compadres that frequent your little cyber-corner. This is a wonderful spot.

God Bless

Andreia said...

Sorry I am late to the group hug. I have spent three dirt-filled days in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I wish I could reduce the wonder of the star-filled sky into a few words that would make you sigh and ah. Our God is awesome.

Anyway, thank you Kevin for taking the time to dig through the scriptures and let us all enjoy the process. I have learned a lot and look forward to checking in here often!


Lynne said...

And I'm even later, having just come back from a weekend away with my husband. But I do want to say thank you, your blog is one I always look forward to reading -- your honest engagement with the truth of Jesus spurs me on to examine my own heart more truthfully.