11 November, 2006


Not to Your church, O Lord, not to Your church
But to Your Name
Be glory for Your grace
And for Your Truth's sake.

Why should the blind say,
"Where is their God now?"
Our God stands in the heavens
On feet of flesh like brass.
He has done what His Father has pleased.

Their idols are silicon and glass
The work of men's hands.
They have theses, but they don't guide their thoughts.
They have proofs, but they don't lead to Truth.
They have vision with no sight
Missions with no goal
Charity with no love.
The path of their understanding leads to confusion
They are confounded by their wisdom.


Trust in your Lord!

He is your Deliverer.
You that are born into Him,
Trust in Him.
He is your Redeemer.

The Lord has remembered us
And given us everything He promised.
He has blessed His kingdom.
He has blessed His bride.
He has blessed every one who loves Him
The man on welfare, and the man with options.

He has multiplied Himself to us.
Every blessing in heavenly places He has given
To us and to all who call on His Name.
We are the blessed of the earth.

The heavens are the Lord's
And Jesus added the earth to His possessions.
He put His feet down on the earth,
And left His kingdom to conquer in His Name.

Those with no spirit breathe no praise to the Lord
Those with no mouth say nothing to His glory.
But we must sing of the glory of the Lord.
But we bless the Father and the Son
Here on earth
And in heaven

Praise the Lord

Psalm 115 - retold as if written in 2006.


Kansas Bob said...

I was thinking that it sounded like a psalm and then I read the last line. Nice update CP.

MIlly said...

You know how I delight in making it personal, I love this.

pearlie said...

Wow ... I like it. I have saved it for a real look later - I am still internet-less at home. Sigh ...