27 November, 2006

Movies: Bond or Bourne?

Kansas Bob has given Casino Royale a pretty solid rating, and I gather that this means something coming from him. :-) I was happy to hear it, because I'm pretty sure I will rent it some day. It sounds better than any of the recent Bond fare.

This week, I am finishing The Bourne Supremacy. (It won't be hard. She's standing right next to you. B-)

So, what do you think. Bond or Bourne?


Milly said...

Bourne for sure. It has a plot and twists. I've never been a Bond fan.

DugALug said...


Bourne hands-down.

Bond is a no-good womanizer, as was Ian Flemming and Robert Ludlum is a pretty interesting dude.

The Bond movies basically centered on bedding women, lame dialog, and cheeky mega-villians... pure drivel. Sorry, I can't help my biases on this.

The Bourne movies were pretty well done, though kind of violent, and I have yet to see even a mediocre Bond movie.


Kansas Bob said...

Bourne, Jason Bourne ... just doesn't work for me :)

Hated the Richard Chamberlain version but love the Damon version of Bourne. Looks like the Bourne Ultimatum won't be out until next August though :(

Andreia said...


Bond for sure.

Do you really buy Matt-baby-face Damon as Bourne? Never!

I'll take ANY Bond ANY day over Bourne.

Who else has a line like "shaken not stirred?"

Milly said...

I wasn't looking at the face it's about the movie. I don't like the Bond movies.

codepoke said...

I would love to see a movie that pitted Bond versus Bourne.

It would be cool.

Bond would be remote controlling his Aston-Martin, and launching heat-seeking oil slicks at Bourne. Bourne would be driving a commandeered Mini backwards with his ever-present scowl.

Eventually, the two cars would crash into something. Bourne's car would bounce in the air, he would smash his head on the side window, and be disoriented for a while. Bond's car would explode in a fireball of death. He would step out from wherever he was hiding, dust off his suit, and invent some pithy quote.

Bond would consult IR Tracking GPS Wonder Tie Tack, and find Bourne again. Bourne would know from the smell of Bond's cologne on the wind from the SE that Bond was slightly nervous, and over behind those trash cans.

Skipping the ensuing chase scene, eventually Bourne would find Bond and neither shake nor stir him, but simply kill him.


I love the Bourne movies, because I can believe they could happen.

But, Casino Royale sounds pretty stout. I'll probably take it in on video.

Milly said...

It's such a dude thing to pit two like that together.

Cruv said...

Bourne -- all the way. Bond is to predictable!