11 November, 2006

Election: Republicans Take a Beating

But the phone calls have ended.

Merciful, merciful RNC and DNC, we are free at last.

No more listening to voice mails that all say, "Hello, my name is beep-beep-BEEP," 17 times in a row. (If I hit 3-3-7 as I am listening to a voice mail it takes me to the end of the message then deletes it.) I figure I did every politician a favor with my 337 solution. If I had allowed them to say their names, I would have loathed them. By silencing them so soon, in the prime of their messages really, I kept myself from despising them.

Do they not realize that voice mail is not like junk mail?

I laugh at junk mail. Each day my son and I chuckled, because each day Deborah Pryce and her opponent (whatever her name was) seemed to alternate mailings. Each day candidate A was either going to save the world or damn it. We joked that we were so confused. Which was true? Was Deborah saving the children from a cruel death by taxation, or was she eating them as after-dinner snacks? It was all so upsetting. She was like a mother to me, until the next day when Pilate would have feared her.

See? Just amusing. We'd laugh at our little stories, then recover the only real value in all the mailings - namely the raw value of the wood fiber - by putting them in the recycle bin. We certainly didn't learn one worthwhile piece of information from any of them, but at least they only took 5 seconds to throw away.

Voice mail?

Not so much.

The morons at the Republican and Democratic HQs seem to assume that I want to listen to their vapid hyperbole for (who knows how many) seconds. "Daft," does not begin to describe their asinine stupidity. Didn't they realize I could be fishing crud out from between my toes? I could be scrubbing behind the toilet. I could be standing in a driving rain, trying to wash away my guilt. I cannot think of anything I'd willingly quit doing in order to listen to a moron exaggerate half-truths while never giving me one useful fact.

May they be forced to press Q-tips into their ear canals until dead.


The Republicans took a beating.

They earned it.

Now it's the Dem's turn to make the populace angry. We'll see how that works out for them.

It's still a great country, and I thank the Lord He has made a place in the world where His church can live and move in peace.
1 Tim 2:1-2
I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

We pray for government, not that America might be great, but that the church might be allowed to serve HER GOVERNMENT in peace. The government here serves only one purpose - to make a peaceful place for the church. Our forefathers' prayers for a nation that might give freedom to God's church were answered.

I think we'd best start praying that the church finds some way to capitalize on this gift we've been given. The return on the investment God has made in us is pitiful. Much freedom and untold wealth have been given to us, and the profit from it will surely be expected by God. 4 hours a day of television (the national average) is going to be hard to justify when He makes an accounting of us.

The Republicans took a beating.

So what?

What's the church doing?


(Maybe we should be starting a voice mail campaign?)


Kansas Bob said...

This year I voted differently ... I only voted FOR candidates and did not vote AGAINST anyone ... sadly this caused me to abstain from voting in most races.

Despite what many people think church is a very democratic institution ... many people have and are voting with their feet ... as they should :)

codepoke said...

I only recently realized that abstaining once in the booth was an option. Thinking of races this way will encourage me to research more completely.

And, I agree about leaving those leaders who do not know how to love. Amen.

Milly said...

Once I got past the crud and toes issue ((((Yucky))) (((blucky))))

I read on. Politics as you know is a huge issue for us, my brother being involved and all. I try to keep up with the issues and know who to vote for. It was an easy one for me this time because change must happen or change must happen.

I have enjoyed meeting candidates in the past they show up all smiles at your door ready to make life better, I always wonder who’s gonna put the bigger knife in my back as they walk away. I don’t pay attention to the ads they seem to sling too much trash, I wonder if someone refused to do that if it would get them more votes.

“Hi I’m Milly and I’m running for office. You can count on me not trashing my opponent. I’ll just give you the facts on what I want to do and what I’ve done.”
(I’d never run for office too many things to hide not enough time to dig)

codepoke said...


I didn't even think of toephobia. :-) I just couldn't help myself.

I think the negative ads work. I think the lies and exaggerations work. I even think the voice mails probably work.

It's all so depressing.

Milly said...

Are you saying we can be manipulated? heheheh ;-}

codepoke said...

It's not popular, but yeah. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Furthermore, if anyone says, "I just tune out the ads," he is most deceived of all. Advertising did not become a $475 billion dollar industry by not working.

We are exposed to upwards of 3000 ads every day. The companies that spend that $475 billion are making sufficient profit from those ads to pay for them, and have plenty money left over for their yachts.

This is an evil in plain view.

And everyone thinks they're personally immune.


Rich said...

Well, I know they don't affect me.

Hang on just a sec while I finish my burger. BK here in H-ville was having a 40th Anniversary, selling burgers for 40 cents - up to ten. Caught this juicy deal on the telly last week. Anyway, we went around to different Burger Kings and copped 25 of those char-broiled delights. Along the way, I noticed this billboard pumping Books-a-Million, which reminded me of this new best seller I'd been wanting, so me and my kids swung by. Well, I'm done with my burger. Think I'll finish dinner off with some Frosted Flakes. I did always love those Tony the Tiger commercials.

Okay, yeah, what I was saying is: I don't think advertisements have any bearing on my life. I'm totally immune...

Milly said...

I don't think it's gotten to Rich, what's his secret?


Andreia said...

Touche my friend! This made me wonder what is living behind my toilets!

Have you seen This book? I am intrigued by the notion that conservative Christians have sold out Jesus to the political machine.

codepoke said...


I don't know how to say this, but I fear Rich is an advertiser. If I'm right, he's part of the machine! Don't follow him down the dark path! Immunity from advertising (as he so ably demonstrates) is too little reward for such a price as having to grow fabulously wealthy (again, like Rich.)

People like us are better poor, manipulated and free!

codepoke said...


I have not seen the book, but it looks like what I might expect. I'm still so young to be a cynic, but...

DugALug said...


Ah representative Gov.... We get the government we deserve. That is spooky.

The dems think that they have done something. They did: they got three more born-again Christians in the house, and one more in the Senate. Hopefully they will vote their conscious and not follow either political party. As weird as this sounds, I feel abandoned by Republicans and ignored by the Democrats. In most races, neither candidate 'represented' me.

Oh well!

God Bless