07 March, 2006

Self Leading

Kansas Bob hits another winner.

I have been thinking about posting on following the will of God, more out of ignorance than hope to be helpful, and KB hits the subject square in the nose. He starts right off with the heart of the problem.

Years ago a bible teacher told me to be careful about control because it is an agenda of the demonic to control and manipulate. This teacher also said that the Holy Spirit wants to lead us and not control us.

When I get nervous, I try to control and manipulate myself. That's the flesh trying to live in the Spirit, and I'm shocked when it doesn't work.

Great post.

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Milly said...

I read this before leaving for work I thought about it on my way and at work.

Two of my life experience remind me of this.

One was when I would watch Bryan wrestle in high school. I thought him to be a big sweetheart and loved being with him. He was great only sometimes he would actually beat himself, It was if he would have to control every move and having another kid his size (not small) trying to counter his move He'd lose once in a while, walking away angry at himself and the other kid. I think that's how we get. God is just waiting for us to stop fighting and let him lead us.

The second is,
My son has a skin thing. As someone who worked with autistic children I knew things could be much harder. So I didn't exactly pray for help. My son got worse. I tried to help as much as I could I called everyone every where, Including Dr. T. Berry Brazelton I spoke to him myself. We were ready to fly anywhere for help. The Big shot doctor shot me down and hard. He just didn't seem to care.

I went past my knees flat down, face down in the carpet for help from God.

Two names were given to me. They talked of hospitalizing him. My baby boy went to three doctors sometimes in the same week. I told the NO EGOS here.

He got better God was waiting the whole time for me to hit the floor. I wonder how many times He thought "BE STILL AND LISTEN TO ME"