17 March, 2006

Patrick - The Annual Rant

This article over at Wikipedia tells a good bit about Patrick, though their picture of a statue of him is revolting.

That the Catholics have co-opted about as protestant a brother as ever lived aggravates me every year. Patrick was a man of tremendous integrity and courage, not some lucky charm of the Catholic church that whistled a bunch of snakes away.



Milly said...

My son ask me who he was I jokingly said a reason folks drink green beer. Now I have to seak the truth and tell him.

codepoke said...

The only blood I claim of whatever mongrel lines gave me my genes is the Scot and the cowboy. As such, I have read up on Columba, the Irish monk who brought Christ to Scotland. It was in studying him that I learned a decent little bit about Patrick.

You will enjoy the story.

At no point does he pinch anyone for failing to wear green, or mock anyone for being so sober that he could still stand up.

Milly said...

I looked him up on The History Channel. No green beer? I was pinched today by a co-worker I had a green frog on my shirt. Not on purpose it’s what I put on.

I am Native American (an Okie cliché ) (my great grandfather was a cowboy) German, English, and who knows what else. My kids are all of the above and Slovak, German, and Italian. A good American mix.

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