26 March, 2006

Church - A Moving Experience?

Back in M & C - 3, CT asked,

It's more comfortable to change churches if your job moves you. People understand that. But I wonder how many job changes are as a result of dissatisfaction with a church.

This question intrigues me.

Does it interest anyone else? Have you moved jobs because of your church?

All 3 of my job changes have been church-related.

I moved my family across the country to be a part of the home church I described in M & C - 2. The job I took there was adequate. I was working graveyard 13 hours a day, but I was a rookie mechanic. I could hope for no more.

Then one day they moved me to swing shift. I gave them two weeks to move me back to graveyeard, and they would not. Graveyard was cool because I could be at all the meetings. I slept when everyone worked and worked when everyone slept. I was missing nothing. Swing, though, is a living nightmare. I worked when everyone was playing, slept when everyone was working, and played alone. Ick.

So, I changed jobs again. I'm counting that as number 2, and hoping CT agrees with the reasoning.

The third job change was when we decided we had to get away from that home church. We picked the place in the country where there were the most jobs available in my skillset, and applied up here. I found a company willing to pay to move me, and they had a contract lined up ... voila.

So, I have moved to be in a church, to have more time in a church, and to get away from a church.


I'm all ears.


Danny Kaye said...

I know I am probably the exception to this, but I have been in the same church for the 18 years I have been a disciple. There have obviously been some pretty major problems. But I made decisions time and again to stick with it.

In the last 2 years, all of my best friends have moved to other states. Most of them are not easily "visit-able". But I still won't leave.

I have asked my self whether a job could pull me away or not. But I am serious doubt about that an offer would come my way. So I don't worry about it.

I guess the bottom line is, unless I feel that God has left the congregation, I am going nowhere!


Andreia said...

Does wanting to move in order to find a new church count?

I used to live in Maryland where my church was small. It was full of very thoughtful people. Many of those folks found Christianity as adults and because of the newness, were excited but committed Christians.

They challenged me in ways that I have not been since finding myself back in the Bible Belt.

Milly said...
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Milly said...

Milly said...
One- I hate moving I still have boxes to deal with.

Two -I have been with the same church for around twenty years. We have our elephants.(we are so pushing that phrase as you can see from one of my posts) I know folks that have left for scores of reasons. The thing I wonder is, Are you running to something or away? If so what? Every group that has humans involved has elephants.

I could choose to say, I don't like that pink elephant so I'm leaving. I could even slam my church on the way out. (others have) The thing is after a while the church that I had chosen is going to forget to cover the elephant. (who ever was going to forgot his keys that morning) and there I am stepping in it and looking at the large beast.

I hope I don't sound harsh. It's just that people screw up and we get very full of ourselves at times. I see and hear things that others don't where I attend. I love it so much that I have to pray and stay.

Again I'm not try'n to sound like I think other should stick to a place when they want to leave. God calls you. He will put you where He needs for you to be. It might be for you or for someone else. FYI your blog has reminded me to stop and focus on the cross. I worked Sunday. I sat in the room and took communion. I wouldn't have taken it in a non Christian job in the past. Codepoke or God? It was God using you.

No, I have never moved for a church. I’ve met some who have, and the minister had an affair. I would be deviated and disillusioned. We will always drag an elephant around on this earth.

Milly said...

This is what I was saying about being put where needed. He has an amazing talent. He only wanted to play.

I only sang to pay for soccer boots Feb 10 2006

By Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post

OPERA star Bryn Terfel confessed he only took up singing as a youngster to pay for his football gear.

codepoke said...


I WAY feel your pain! I'm really sorry.

That hunger cannot be manufactured. It has to be given, and it has to be found. May the Lord bless your search!

codepoke said...

DK and Milly,

I think you misunderstood the question. The real question was, "Has a church ever caused you to change jobs?" I think you both answered, "Would I leave a church for money or frustration?"

I agree with both of you that leaving the church to which you have been joined is usually a mistake, and often a sin.

Milly said...

But I wonder how many job changes are as a result of dissatisfaction with a church.

This question intrigues me.

Does it interest anyone else? Have you moved jobs because of your church?

I have met a man who changed jobs and moved from Wisconsin to Oklahoma for a church. He helped to get it started. It grew very quickly. The hard part is that it started to falter a bit with the minister having an affair. They aren't as large in size as they were but they are still holding on and doing very well. They are a rock'n group.

The thing is that I was blessed with finding a home church close to home. (Yes it feels like home even with the other 700 people) My husband, after years of attending occasionally, is in love with those people too.

If they picked up and left for Ohio would we follow? No. We have family and a great school here. We would attend the other church where we enjoy the minister's preaching. We would start over again.

I still have to wonder are some just that fired up? Or are the running? The answer must be yes to both.

It may be a bit harder for me because my father worked for the county before I was born he retired after being in the same line of work for the same people. He worked his way up. The only move we made was when he went to school for a few months then we moved home. I have always known stability when it came to men. My husband started working as an cleaner then an A&P mechanic before we were wed. I don’t know that I have that kind of faith to do that. I know that I should, I just don’t.

Danny Kaye said...

Oh. sorry. ;-)

...then the answer is "no".

But I would have changed jobs if I could not meet with the Church.