26 March, 2006

Recipes - Desert

OK, this one is just lazy. It takes about 2 minutes to prepare. The glory of it is that it is as good as most ice creams.

1 qt Plain Organic Yogurt - with the Cream - that milk fat makes all the difference!
1/3 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla.
1 lb frozen fruit.

Just mix it all together and let it sit long enough to let the fruit thaw until it is enjoyable. If you time it right, the frozen yogurt effect is really cool.

If you get low-fat yogurt, you deserve the suffering you inflict on yourself and all involved!


Milly said...

Sounds good. I'm banned from dairy. The husband doesn't like the itchy blotchy wife. Go figure.

codepoke said...

You make a strong case!

Milly said...

I so love it! I'm so blotchy today!

codepoke said...

You ARE kidding, right?!

Tell me I am not in trouble with your husband! {:-O

Milly said...

You aren't in trouble I'm a grown person plus he wouldn't believe me if I blamed it on someone else. I didn't try it.;-} I wanted to but the cheese pizza, pimento cheese, caso, and cheese sticks did me in for a while. The time before was a shake, caso, and pizza.

I'm allergic to the sun also. Sunny Oklahoma is fun.

codepoke said...



Sorry you're blotchy. :-( Happy you enjoyed the cheese pizza. :-) Sorry you love a sun you cannot play in. :-( Happy you stand up and claim your own decisions. :-)

Mostly, this was funny!

Milly said...

spam...spam... spam... spam...spam

codepoke said...


What are you using as blog tracking software? I need it. You are able to track comments, and I am not. I never saw this little bit of treasure from the 'bots.

I use bloglines because I use to computers, and bloglines goes between them since it is on the web.

Milly said...


I am so computer illiterate. Actually I can replace a modem, not program the thing. I’m using the Blogger stuff. I also have Nortan.

As for checking comments I just look at the things to see if numbers have changed. I think they have something that will let you know when someone has.

I like Blogger better than Wordpress. It's not as user friendly.

Does that help?

codepoke said...

Well, then you are the most observant person I know! Wow.

Thanks for the information.

I used to do it the same way you are doing it now. I gave up when I started blogging. Now I use bloglines. It tells you whenever there is a new post out there on any blog you point it at. Pretty easy.