08 March, 2006

Recipes - hard vegetables

Corn, peas, carrots, broccolli, cauliflower, etc. Anything that most people boil.

I was raised with the notion that boiling a vegetable removes all the vitamins. I don't know whether that's true, but it led me to try another way to prepare my veggies. I'll never go back. Boiled veggies taste - ummm - yeah, boiled. Ick.

Melt 1/4 stick of butter in a pan, then add salt and pepper.
Add veggies.

Stir infrequently on medium-high heat until the outside is lightly burnt, and the inside is done.

Raw carrots take longer than frozen corn, but both are delicious when finished. If you are in a hurry, you can cover the pan. That tends to make the finished product a little wetter, but it's all good.


Milly said...

I gave up fake butter years ago after I started selling Unicity. (I stink at it) Transfat. BAD! So the more butter the better! I do use soy milk, because, I can't have animal milk (ok I have a malt, not a shake, once in a while.)and it's bad for the kid's skin. Dairy is hard on the body. My dad makes the best gravy. In Oklahoma it's a food group.

Summer will be here soon I'd love to have some grilling ideas. (please let it rain so the burn ban goes away) Thanks for cooking.

codepoke said...

So far as milk goes, we drink only raw milk. It's illegal here in Ohio for anyone to sell the stuff, so it's a bit of a chore to get it. But, if you can, it is amazingly better. Usually not nearly as hard on the body as the pasteurized stuff.

Soy does well for some people.

Grilling ideas? I didn't know there were such things. Hunk 'o meat, fire, seasonings and sauce. I just started at the end of the last summer, so I am way ignorant.

I have read about slow BBQ, but I won't ever have the time or patience for that. The kids and I agree - get the fire hot, sear the outside of the beef, and eat it. Chicken is a little tougher because of the need to cook it thoroughly, but I am slowly figuring out how to do it. Parboiling ribs is supposed to help cook them through, too.

Danny Kaye said...

Might I just point out that there is absolutly no stomach space that should be wasted on vegetables.

There is too much meat and bread to have!

(Ok...I make room for fresh spinach...can't get enough fresh spinach...nope.)

MIlly said...

O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a! We know B-B-Q. Yiks put it on the hot fire and ....((Shutter))Never mind the ideas. Brick chicken is good, beer can chicken is good, charred bad. Yep we have other ways of grilling. I'm a dipper so I don't add sauce while cooking It can burn if you have sugar in it.

I an alergic to all animal milk that folks have around. So soy is the way.

Grilled vegies are wonderful.

I have given up meat a few times. You learn how to cook vegies.

MIlly said...

Any one have a recipe for Heavenly jello salad?


Milly said...

I looked for the jello salad on line and found that there is a museum for Jello. My son thought this was very funny. Cool kid, that one. Last night I said as we were driving to church "Look God has the coolest paint brushes. " (We had a wonderful orange sunset It had rows and rows of clouds of orange it tinted everything orange) He said "and God chooses to paint our world." :-)

codepoke said...

Yeah. Like I said. I know nothing about grilling.

I will have to look up these brick and beer can chickens you claim exist. ;-)

And praise the Lord for children who know how to love God back!

codepoke said...

A heartfelt thanks to everyone for not laughing me out of the blogosphere over these silly recipes.


Milly said...

Dude I looked up a jello museum. I have no laughing at some one power for a while. (I sort a want a go see it now.)