20 August, 2007


There's so very little of it.

Tonight I'm in a bit of a funk. Yesterday I lost my first tennis tourney. It was a very good loss, to the #4 player in all of Central Ohio, so I'm quite proud of it. Still, I poured a lot of emotion in, so today I've got that hung over feeling. My knee feels like it may never heal (it will), I feel like I may never be happy again (I am already) and writing feels like I'm climbing an infinite number of stairs on my fingers.

All that said, it's really a pretty good week and a pretty good night. It's so good there's hardly any other news to report. I was excited because the dentist gave my boy a clean bill of health. If you know any of the details about him, you know that's more than normally exciting.

Anyway, since I typed so much over at Karen's place tonight, I may be done for the week here. I will probably get back to the Lord's Supper posts at some point. I dearly love that whole subject. Tonight, though, I would have to visit the examining ourselves before we partake - and I should probably not write on that in this mood.

Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't have written so much about predestination over at Karen's in this mood. I think I'll worry about that all night. It will help to focus. ;-)

(Is anyone else COMPLETELY INDESCRIBABLY SICK of having to type the stupid word verification twice EVERY time you post?????? If you don't finish within about 30 seconds, it tells you you typed the letters wrong. They're lying! Why don't they just come out and say, "You typed for too long. Now you have to word verify twice. Sometimes, I even submit short comments without typing the letters, because I know it's going to say I'm wrong about what I typed. Grrr.)

(And I had a thought earlier. At my present age (~half way to death) it seems like weeks fly by in an afternoon. Time just keeps speeding up. I was thinking about how my body used to heal completely overnight, but now it takes 3 days. I bet the slowing down of the internal healing process is directly related to how long a week seems to take. I used to play tennis for 4 hours every day, then the next day I was fresh. Now I play 4 hours every day, but I finally heal from day 1's tennis on day 4. So, 7 days now feels like 28. Therefore, whenever 28 days go by, I think of it as just 7.)

(When I get emotionally hung over, I lose the ability to express myself without losing any of the desire to do so. When I finally succumb to alzheimer's nobody is going to know the difference.)

(Yep. Have to retype the stupid letters again. And I typed that fast!)


Milly said...

I love you!

Glad to hear about your son.

I know all about my body falling apart. I’m older friend. Soon I get to go to the doctor for a lecture that will include how old my mom was when she died. That’s fun.
When I finally succumb to Alzheimer's nobody is going to know the difference.
I will unless I have it also. Then we can be in our own little worlds together.

salguod said...

Dude, you have to do the word verification in order to post?!? That's just wrong.

The Blogger word verification is evil, just evil. :-D We hates it.

Maybe it's time to get your own domain, some web space and set up Movable Type (what I use) or Wordpress? Actually, although I like MT better than WP and the new MT4 looks sweet, you can get a free WP blog at www.wordpress.com.

Milly said...

I don't have to use word verification to post. Just to comment. it's so you don't get spam bots.

Don’t listen to salguod he is trying to lure us to the dark side use the force Codepoke. Salgoud I’m gonna post on women in the church or better get my brother to post on Hillary if you don’t knock it off.

Kansas Bob said...

"Is anyone else COMPLETELY INDESCRIBABLY SICK of having to type the stupid word verification twice EVERY time you post?"

Yes ... it is why I took it off both of my blogs :)

But don't do Wordpress CP - it just isn't that great ... I tried it at kansasbob.wordpress.com and found it to be slow and very cumbersome :(

I do relate to my body falling apart! I am constantly aware of how ill coordinated my body has become and get ticked off every time I accidentally hit/bruise one of my extremities on something.

codepoke said...

Thanks for all the thoughts on verification words. I could pretend that KB convinced me to stay with blogger, but frankly I'm just too busy to make a switch. Things are working fine, so I'll just whine from time to time, and life will go on.

I certainly would not recommend anyone do anything to invite the wrath of Milly over this.

salguod said...

"I certainly would not recommend anyone do anything to invite the wrath of Milly over this."

It's too late for me. Save yourselves!

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