05 August, 2007

Praise, Worship and Crow

Milly just posted a bit about whether Praise and Worship style music was good stuff or not. She chose as her example song, "Trading My Sorrows."

Now it so happens that song grates on my idealistic side. It has to be about as practically dodgy as any song I know, and I made my case "for" P&W but "against" Trading my Sorrows.

Wouldn't you know Trading My Sorrows would be the keystone of today's worship service?

And wouldn't you know I would love every minute of it?

It was our second string worship leader and they had done a couple songs with acoustic guitar and light drums. Then I brought up the slide for TmS. I chuckled and got ready for singing. Somehow I missed them switching over to a hardbody electric guitar and amping up the drums. :-)

They launched into the song, and the crowd kind of came along. After the first chorus, the pastor came up and read Isaiah 53 with passion, and had us start again. The crowd really responded well to his encouragement, and we had a great worship session.

I now have to declare that TmS is a very "worshipable" song, and it got to me good today. :-)


Milly said...

Milly smiles 'cause God rolls like that.

Kansas Bob said...

Sounds like God to me :)

karen said...

that's cool! Did you get the la la la words right?

Now, see...I've got to catch up on your blog!!